Trailers , cabins : photo, size and weight of the structure , design and manufacture of wagons , hut with his own hands

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01 May 2016

office container on wheels can serve as not only a good lodges, but also to become a part of your business.For example, he did a great job as a kiosk for trade or reception of secondary raw materials.

embodiments, the material for the manufacture can be only two - wood and metal.Both are relatively inexpensive, but the second version still lasts much longer.Metal modular trailers consist of a solid frame, which is then sheathed, for example, floorings.This option will be portable and easily perevezёtsya a new place for installation.

Construction and residential cars, caravans: wood and metal, modular and RV

One of the positive aspects of cell structures is that the metal building cabins in the construction of trailers do not need a foundation.This avoids not only the cost of its arrangement, but to save time.Moreover, with their help you will be able to place their workers in the immediate vicinity of the facility under construction.This is not lost comfortable accommodation.In the classic version
, they are designed as a bedroom and space for eating, these rooms can be both separately and combined.Additional uses: guard post, shop or warehouse, mobile mobile office.

Wooden cabins on a construction site trailers are rarely used.Most often they are purchased gardeners, though, Holiday by the sea, they can be a wonderful acquisition.Usually after installing a water supply system components that can make even a comfortable kitchen in a separate room.When mounted on the wheels can be transported as a trailer to the car.

indicators positively characterize the residential cabins cabins:

  • installation within one day;
  • good quality and reliability in the production of cabins used materials;
  • high functionality is achieved thanks to excellent sound and heat insulation;
  • comfortable accommodation in a change house with water, electricity and toilet;
  • compactness, excellent cabins rescue, if the construction site is limited space;
  • low cost of the final product.

Caravan-cabins with their own hands: design and drawing, weight and size, construction and installation

There is no doubt that the wagon shed to give cheaper to build with their own hands than to buy from an organization that deals with them.The first step is to do the project, and drawings of the future building.It can be ordered either from professionals or perform personally.Recommended to bow to the first option, because the cost of implementation is not high, but reliability will increase significantly.The main thing to formulate the problem, what area is planned, as is a room and what their purpose.

buildings metallic Module buildings should be established on the basis, in the form of two rails of rectangular concrete pillars or strong types of wood, such as oak.The next step will be the frame.It can be a metal or wooden welded.At the end of its construction can safely go to the skin, first the outer and then inner.It is best to use a corrugated structure and top bunk in the middle.Now do the floor, you can put on it a strong board.

If the planned office container with his own hands, the important thing is not to forgetits insulation.It is put into the wall space.But for the floor and roof that will not be enough, it is necessary to consider the same humidity.Perfectly suitable for thermal insulation of mineral wool layer thickness fifty millimeters.After simply follow the interior trim and can celebrate the housewarming.

Build caravans caravans that are larger than the standard, should be placed on increasing the number of runners, for more reliability and stability.

little more about the construction and equipping of

How to set construction trailer?

residential trailers will last much longer if properly installed.It is necessary to clear the ground, mark the perimeter, using peg and rope.

For smaller facilities suitable foundation not flush, or more simply, a small car poles.In the corners and in the middle, but not more than once every 2 m, it is necessary to dig a pit depth of 500 mm for rocky soil can goutweed upper fertile layer.

The bottom is covered with gravel and sand, compacted, can be laid in 2 layers of roofing material, set on top of blocks of cellular concrete or ready monolitnobetonnye can be made of brick or rubble.Poles must rise above ground level 100 mm and over.Top again put roofing felt, and it is possible to install a house.

If the car is placed on building a long term plan to warming under the country house, you can fill in and strip foundation, it will protect against drafts from below.Setting the trailer on pier foundation

better insulate the construction trailer?

Build caravans, cabins made of sandwich panels, which are already laid inside the insulation.And if the design of the trapezoidal sheet, it is insulated with mineral wool.But such measures are not sufficient for a comfortable stay in the winter.

Caravan can insulate both outside and inside: mineral wool, foam, polystyrene foam or polyurethane foam sprayed without seams, but the cost of such a high thermal insulation.

Depending on the climatic conditions of the region, it is important to calculate the thickness of the insulation layer.To warm regions is 50-100 mm, 100-200 mm in the middle band.

In winter, even insulated trailer should be electric or gas heat gun, infrared heaters and oil.Stove should be placed on a specially prepared runway, just have to make way for the pipe.Caravan of profiled sheet

How to make a living wagon?

buildings for housing is adapted from the usual huts, and they can make their own: wooden, timber, frame with a shell.

Sheds, construction site can be simply added to warm and put the heater.Construct buildings for housing and metal containers, sometimes double-decker.They require a thick layer of insulation about 200 mm, then the inside of his close vapor barrier membrane, better foil, shiny layer of the room.Then this cake sheathe plywood, clapboard blockhouse, OSB.Particleboard is better not to use this material when heated, phenol.

to bring electricity necessary permits.If the residential trailer requires from time to time, you can install a generator.Residential trailer with a porch

What are the dimensions of finished hut?

huts dimensions depend on the design of building structures, the height and width are almost all the same: 2.3 to 2.5 m, and the length is different:

  • Dummy cabins, with one window, it does not have the corridor, 3.1m.
  • car building with a vestibule, there is a partition that divides the room a small hallway and living room.4,6-5,2 m.
  • Bungalow swing type, with 2 windows.The door is located in the middle of it, through it, you find yourself in a small vestibule, and right and left room for rest, 5.8 m.

Dimensions cabins are standard and are dictated by portable buildings to be easy to move to a new location.Dimensions of the improvised designs may vary.Construction of a two-story trailer

Where can I find a drawing of the trailer?

Plans trailer cabins can be downloaded from the Internet, or to make their own hands.To do this, a start that the maximum size of buildings should not exceed a width of 2 to 5 m in length of 6 m, the average height of 2.3 meters. The trailer with large dimensions will be difficult to transport.

In drafting it should be noted that the interior with warming take 100-150 mm on each side, binding ceiling 200-300 mm.Doorway height of 2 m, a width of 700-800 mm.The window can be made small, for example, 400 * 600 mm.Double Glazing necessarily, otherwise keep warm in s quarters fail.

sure to think through electrical wiring and water supply and sewage systems, if required.The interior layout and design is done according to the functionality of the trailer, the room 6 m can be divided into the kitchen, hallway and bathroom.Plans for different options trailers

What's more profitable: to buy or make your own hands?

-trailers Manufacturing of change houses reduced to a skeleton construction: wood or metal.Then the design is sheathed, insulated, and "ennobled" inside.Building their own hands costs slightly cheaper, but if you do not have the skills to work with the tools or the time it is better to buy a small car, the price is reasonable, from $ 500 and up, depending on the equipment, materials and sizes.

Building their own hands will at 20-30 percent cheaper, but if you take the time required and the complexity of the process, it will cost almost the same.But in a makeshift trailer, you will already be able to do as you like, and shed have to redo.Gypsy Caravan, caravans of sandwich panels

How to make a trailer to give their own hands?

Caravan to give you can build in 2-3 days.Features of the scheme, which specifies the external dimensions cabins.Prepared foundation.He built a wooden frame, according to the size or brewed metal of channel or corner.Be sure to make rail bar or rental on the perimeter of window and door openings.

design sheathed outside: metal sheets, wood, sandwich panels.Laid a layer of insulation, made of metal lath galvanized rails or a piece of wood.Run the wiring in a protective gofroshlange and trailer sheathed inside.The best material for finishing Predchistovaya considered water-resistant plywood.The frame of the trailer caravans