Cabins of metal for building cottages and include collapsible , frame and insulation ;iron , galvanized and corrugated board

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01 May 2016

Carriages metal cabins are perfect for summer cottages and country houses easily replaced.They are great otsluzhat decades, thanks to durable materials used in their construction.

individual options can be viewed and modular prefab cabins.The outer part can be trimmed trapezoidal sheet, galvanized or steel sheet.Each in its own way is deemed reliable, but has some of its shortcomings.

most common huts made of profiled sheet.It is durable, suitable for the walls and roof, and in addition, are not exposed to the environment.

Block containers (metal huts) varieties, sample size and weight

Module buildings metallic gained its popularity due to durability.For every entrepreneur, and an ordinary person understands that it is better to buy one just a good and reliable thing than to change it from year to year.The block container of large size can be quite high weight, but despite this, they rarely require additional foundation.

The most common sizes for metal cabins is 2.4 to 6 meters

.Such planning may be leaving the room intact, and divided into two or three rooms.In this way it is possible to obtain a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom in a change house.The weight of the finished product and frequently does not exceed three tons, which is very convenient for transportation to the site.

most budget cabins have two iron frame, external metal and wood interior.They can be mounted on one another to save space.More expensive but more reliable is the cabins, fitted under the harsh climatic conditions.It is very insulated, for loads of snow and moisture.

And the last interesting option is galvanized cabins.It can be made with the use of technology enhanced fire resistance, which significantly reduces the risk of fire in the facility.

metal cabins with their own hands or of corrugated galvanized: design and construction

Bungalow metal folding, if it is made with your own hands, it can be quite cheap construction.Plus, it will have increased mobility, because for a couple of hours completely disintegrating and easy going elsewhere.

before construction is to understand the whole process, except for drawing up the plan and drawings, consists of three stages:

  • creation of a base in the capital construction of the foundation, and in this case the concrete rails;
  • welded frame construction;
  • siding Decking or galvanized.

Of course, there will be sub-tasks such as insulation or interior finish, but they are slightly less important than the foundation of the building.

You can make your block container mobile or stationary.In the first case, you should take care that the weight of the metal cabins were not very large, up to two and a half tons maximum.And the second option pobespokoytes still on the foundation, it will make the room a warm, resilient and comfortable to stay.Pay attention to your decking, which can serve as the walls, roof and floor of your room.