Bungalow own hands: video, photo , manufacturing, assembly and installation ;how to build a shed with their hands on the site ?

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30 April 2016

Cottage in the countryside - a place of rest of many citizens.However, even after the acquisition of land, it seems that before the incarnation dreams of comfort and relaxation come true any time soon.But there is a quick and inexpensive solution to this problem - manufacturing cabins with their own hands.A small temporary house will solve many problems, but it can build in a few days.Modern cabins may not simply be a place to store equipment, and a full-fledged housing with all the amenities, hot water, and even central heating.Moreover, construction companies today offer quite spacious house composed of several block containers.

How to make a shed, building or chalet and choose what material to build?

building huts in the area fairly common solution.Of course, this demand has led to the appearance on the market of finished designs and projects.It may be small houses, which bring and simple to install, or billet, which is simple enough to collect on the spot as a designer.

help determine which is more appropriate to buy or build a shed with their hands Photothat are matched in the article.Simple wooden buildings simply build their own, and steel structure and frame-panel technology easier to buy from a trusted manufacturer.

To date, most of the cabins are the most popular metal and wood.Metal houses can be made to order or converted from cargo containers.Wooden buildings are made of frame technology and skeleton-shield.The second type is always manufactured in the factory.Depending on the project, they can be combined with hozblok or have an open veranda.

on frame technology can be built cabins with their own hands, there are examples of the photo in the article.It may be a small garden house with hozblok and toilet.Or quite comfortable housing with all amenities and a few, albeit small rooms.

Construction hut with his own hands: the gradual video instruction describing the work

Any construction cabins with their own hands the photo report and the video lessons is clearly show begins with site preparation.It must be carefully aligned and set blocks or pillars of the foundation.They should be 9: all the angles in the middle of each side and one in the center.The supports must be leveled on the level.
They laid mortgage crown of large cross-section beam.Then install the uprights.Before you make a shed with their hands, you need to decide whether the building is heated, or use it will be only in the warmer months.If you choose the first option, it is necessary to provide insulation of buildings.Sex in this case, do a three-layer.On the crown of the mortgage plank boards over which the thermal insulation is laid cake and only then start laying the finishing floor.

UPRIGHT strengthened by horizontal beams are formed windows and doors.At the top of the support frame are tied from a bar of large cross section, which will support the roof system.Module buildings with their own hands can be a gable and pent.Truss system is mounted on the upper crown.

walls on both sides are sheathed clapboard, trapezoidal sheet, blockhouse or otherwisepictures.Lumina frame filled with mineral wool mats or sheets of foam.Ceiling stitched lining or thin planks.On the truss system is mounted crate, to which is attached a film waterproofing, insulation and vapor barrier.Cabins lie often galvanized iron, metal or corrugated roofing sheets.

If a decision - build the shed with their hands, tutorial videos in this article will be defined in advance with the milestones.

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Which option cabins to give the most budget?

Vacation structures come in different designs and are made of different materials.But for those who are thinking about how to build a shed with their hands cheaply, the best option would be board room building made of wood.It is simple in construction and is cheap.

To form the base of cabins used lumber, and for wall - wall paneling.For insulation glass wool is used inside the structure, wood boards OSB, or MDF.Paul originally sheathed board on which is laid the finishing materials (linoleum).

roof also lies inexpensive material - roofing material, galvanized sheet, with slate.Since the shield design there are no ribs, it is not resistant to harsh weather conditions, and therefore has a short lifespan.Inexpensive board room cabins

it possible to build your own shed container type?

This type of temporary summer structures can be performed in several different ways.You can buy ready-made container and transform it into a shed.The basis of design - modular metal block.The walls are covered with colored container or galvanized steel sheets.Inside it is required to lay a floor, to sheathe the walls and ceiling.You can use the battens (wood or PVC), hardboard, MDF panels.

If the container is large, it can be divided by partitions into several rooms.You can also simulate the shed of two small containers.

Building huts - unique factory containers, you can do yourself.To do this, sills constructed metal frame construction, and to fill it using sandwich panels.The roof can be covered with trapezoidal sheet structures.So get a cheap, robust and warm design.Inside it is possible to decorate on your own.Building container cabins

What are the benefits of change houses, which are collected at the site?

popularity this hozbloka due to the fact that it is easy to assemble / disassemble and reinstall to another location.The design consists of sandwich panels and is delivered unassembled (separate constituent elements), which greatly facilitates its transportation and unloading.The technology of prefabricated construction is very simple and allows you to gradually install it on site in just a few hours.

ordering a shed with the assembly on site, you will get the finished design turnkey manufacturer that you deliver and install in the correct location.The service life of buildings - about 20 years.

definite advantage collapsible design - the ability to replace any damage the item.The complete set of modular cabins can be added to double-glazed windows, flooring - the price of such construction will be higher.Build cabins on the site

What you need to know before the construction of the villa cabins with their own hands?

Despite the fact that the cabins - a utility room, its construction should be approached thoroughly.Before you build cottages cabins with their own hands, we should make drawings of buildings.This will allow to visualize how the design will look on the site and calculate the amount of materials needed.

The plan made sizes construction.They are determined by the individual needs of the owners of the site.For storing holiday inventory is enough to build a small house, and for a temporary stay in the country is better to build a large-scale construction of the type of summer kitchen.

If desired, you can provide a comfortable cottage and mini-complex, which includes a toilet and shower.In this case it will be necessary to carry out water supply system.Entrance to the building is possible to protect and decorate a small porch or awning.Wooden cabins with a canopy

What is the advantage of building frame cabins?

Frame gazebo durable and reliable shield.The frame structure is constructed from a bar section 10x10 cm, or metal, which is resistant to stress and strain.For wall cladding using false beams, providing visual appeal of construction, wood or OSB.Inside the structure is coated wooden paneling.Also, change house framing system provides steam and heat insulation.The ceiling and floor it makes a double.This ensures better tightness premises, although the interior of the buildings will be less.

Due to the large amount of material and the complexity of execution, the cost of this construction will be higher shields.How to build a pergola carcass with their hands while saving?It plan structure without walls, with a minimum number of windows.

Review framing cabins with their hands looking at the video:

What materials are used for the construction of metal cabins?

In the construction of metal huts with their hands should be to lay a solid foundation.For durable construction you can build out of the blocks and paving around the perimeter, and temporary structures can be limited to four corner posts.

metal frame for the cabins with their own hands can be made of metal brackets, metal, steel proftrub large diameter shvelllerov.Ribs carcass are joined by welding or bolts.

for wall cladding is applied galvanized corrugated structures.If the design will be used for temporary accommodation, it is better to warm mineral wool.

for cabins simple enough pent roof covered with galvanized sheet and metal tile.The floor of the building can be designed with wooden planks or lay linoleum.For wall and ceiling paneling is most commonly used, plasterboard.Bungalow of metal under the shed roof