Vacation cabins with veranda, hozblok , shower and toilet : how to attach the verandah cabins, terrace or second floor ?

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30 April 2016

Opportunity to purchase shed for garden becomes the best solution, as it allows the right to settle land, without waiting until the end for many construction works.This small structure provides not only a roof over your head and a place to store tools and equipment, but also the minimum amenities.However, the more time is spent in the country, the more there is a need for comfort.It can be substantially increased by making an addition to the usual s quarters.With proper restructuring on the basis of a typical block container can get comfortable house with all amenities.

Garden Bungalow with veranda, terrace or mansard: photo examples of useful extensions

Conventional hozblok cabins do not differ beauty and comfort.In most cases, a small building that is divided into two or three areas, one of which is used as a dwelling.And the rest - economic.Of course, this house is an excellent protection from the rain, and storage for tools, but the notion of a country holiday, he meets a little.

Even sundeck to change house with his own hands is not just to increase the usable area of ​​thetemporary housing, but it will make it more attractive facade and home.Many homeowners prefer glazed rooms that are protected from the wind and cold.No less interesting it looks cabins with a terrace.These kinds of extensions require a minimum of material and energy costs, but they will be giving much more comfortable and cozy.Garden cabins with porch is not just a refuge in case of bad weather, and a great place for family dining outside and barbecue with friends.

But extension can have very practical applications.For example, you can attach a shower and a toilet, or even your own sauna.Typical block containers are too small, so that they can be without prejudice to the living space to arrange the necessary facilities for a comfortable life.Bungalow with toilet and shower - this is a very comfortable house where you can live if you want all the warm season.But when you install these extensions need to pay special attention to setting the foundation, wastewater discharge and waterproofing, so that the new "room" is not led from moisture and frost and do not compromise the integrity of the entire structure.

Layout country house can be very different.So you can gradually build out small buildings, or just to upset the existing cabins, perched space equal to or greater in size than the original structure.In this case it is obtained quite spacious country house 6x6 and more.May include such cabins shower and toilet, kitchen, several living rooms and often hozblok with a separate entrance.This country house has hardly a makeshift, the more that with proper care it will last more than one decade.

Holiday-hozblok cabins with toilet and shower, two-story: how to make the add-floor?

Individual attention two-storey chalet cabins.This is one of the most cost-effective solutions in the restructuring of the finished block container.It allows you to save on materials, insulation and roof unit.But special attention should be paid to the reliability and ease of construction of the foundation of the second floor.When constructing

carefully dismantled roofing system.Strengthen and insulated ceilings.Vertical rack is attached to the crown form a frame and sheathe usually the same material as the walls of the first floor.The lumens of the support structure is filled with insulation.Normally, the roof can be used the same materials that are removed before construction.

Often the second floor cabins obtained by the restructuring of the ground floor, and shift to a higher roof.In this case, it is possible to organize a residential attic.

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What advantages does cabins with bathroom?

Dachnaya cabins with toilet and shower is irreplaceable in the garden or wherever still being built private house.This structure gives comfort, which is not possible with conventional rustic toilets and garden shower:

  • Warming and bathrooms complete protection from the wind.
  • Some versions allow to fall in the bathroom, without going outside.
  • Aesthetic internal view bathroom - you can have a normal plumbing.
  • With proper organization of collecting wastes - a minimum of unpleasant odors.
  • hozblok with toilet and shower can be used as an independent country house.
  • Do not build anything - shed bring ready-made, it should only be installed on the base and bring communication.

Equipment in bathrooms s quarters

extent justified by the cost of cabins with a porch?

course, the price of dacha shed with a veranda will be higher than without it.However, operation of such a house has its advantages.If verandah spacious enough, it can be used as a garden shed.Accordingly, there is no need to build an arbor separately - and it would be quite expensive.

veranda is always useful if you are actively engaged in garden and vegetable garden.For example, some types of vegetables require drying in the shade, before a stacking for storage, and a veranda at s quarters in this regard is very convenient.In addition, there may be dried garden tools and work boots after washing.Wooden cabins with verandas

What could be the toilet and shower unit in change house?

Dachnaya cabins with toilet and shower allows you to solve the problem of disposing of wastes in different ways.This may be a temporary connection to the sewage system, storage and organization of digging to it churn, or sinkhole.This options in case the bathroom is scheduled to operate for a long time.For rare use to buy bio-toilet - these designs today are made with different content and different sizes.

device soul here is possible in two ways:

  • Water is supplied by gravity from a tank on the roof.Water heating occurs by solar heat.This is the easiest type of soul, and comfortable using it is only possible in the summer.
  • If there is a possibility of connecting buildings to the electricity, the Cottage cabins with shower and toilet can be equipped with a heating boiler water.

Location of WC in s quarters

What are the advantages of buying a ready hozbloka?

Self-construction can take quite a long time, the work may require specific knowledge and skills, as well as the presence of different instruments.Hozblok to give delivered to the site already assembled and finished "turnkey", you will be required to prepare only simple basis.

Interior decoration of buildings, usually wooden, and therefore, it is not difficult to be fixed to the wall shelves and holders for tools.And do not forget about ecology of the tree - even the strongly warming up in the sun, it will not release hazardous substances.In addition, it should be noted that hozblok even larger, with shower and toilet - mobile.With the help of crane are easy to rearrange from one place to another.Adjustable cabins with toilet and shower

What if the plot size does not allow to place and lodges and hozblok with a bathroom?

Solution - cabins cottages, duplex.In fact, it is two block container set on one another, with an external staircase.Such two-story structure made of metal sheets and profiled sheet, with or without insulation.Warm cabins, of course, cost more.The standard size of each block - 6h2,4h2,4 m and layout may vary.The foundation for the shed, in spite of its size, is not required.Suffice it to level ground and fill it with gravel.

Typically, the attic is used for living rooms, while the first floor - a hozblok, shower and toilet.So we have at your disposal all the necessary facilities, taking up half the space on the plot, than if it were two separate buildings.If desired, a two-storey shed can be disassembled into two separate block container.The two-level cabins with bathroom

possible to make the second floor of the cabins with their own hands?

A full build out the second floor of the cabins is problematic, if not impossible.This is due to the fact that the skeleton-shield design is simply not designed to supplement such a load.And if you need it on the second floor is the room, then perhaps you should consider purchasing the finished cabins, villa, two-storey.

If you need an extension as an extra seating area, here it is possible to do on their own.For the organization of the second floor - arbor, as in the photo, you will need to do the following:

  • Remove the roofing material, make the ribs on the roof and lay flooring.
  • Calculate and build a ladder to the second floor.
  • Order or make your own hands railing of the second floor.
  • Build on the second floor of the canopy - is optional.Here you can get a portable tent.

Roof Terrace cabins