Furnish of balconies loggias : the better to decorate the loggia , choose materials for interior lining their own hands , photo options

By Admin | Repairs
01 May 2016

Sometimes a situation arises where landlords decide to make repairs on their own balconies, and if they have questions: How to Lose a loggia with their hands , what materials?For products for interior decoration is not done, but at the same time have a certain number of home owners have the desire to repair the loggia so that it is in harmony with the general interior of the apartment.This finish of the residential areas must also comply with a number of conditions, chief among them - the practicality and durability.Start finish better when already glazed loggia.

better decorate the loggia: linings, plastic PVC panels, gypsum board, etc.

In finishing balconies and loggias with their hands most commonly used and in demand following materials:

  • linings and Lining;
  • plastic PVC panels;
  • plasterboard (water-resistant).
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Molded one of the first to be used for decoration of balconies and loggias.Its advantages: easy installation, aesthetic a

ppearance, the replacement of individual elements in the deformation or damage.In addition, combining panels of different textures and colors, you can create your own unique design.Disadvantages lining: the need for regular maintenance;fragility of varnish, after the destruction of the tree which is deformed.

Finishing loggias Lining more expensive, but the quality is better.Advantages and disadvantages of the normal lining such as the euro, except for the installation - Lining with it comes easier and faster.

Finishing loggias PVC panels - the most economical option.Strips do not require special care and create almost perfectly flat surface, with their easily washed off the dirt, resistant to high and low temperatures.

A variety of design options when finishing loggias plastic panels provide a rich color palette, as well as panels with drawings.Disadvantages: fragile material, at a certain pressure or impact bursts and collapses.

Finishing loggias plasterboard has an important advantage - using GCR can create a smooth surface, ideal for further decorative trim waterproof paint, ceramic tiles, mosaic and facing stone (preferably artificial).Lack of drywall - the susceptibility to the direct ingress of water, even water-resistant gypsum board requires additional processing water-resistant primer that can not be saved after repeated or constant exposure to water.

Finishing loggias artificial stone requires further processing water-repellent composition.

How to Lose a loggia: choose materials, photo

The above options for interior finishing balconies with their hands - the most popular, but can be used if desired and necessary, and such materials: siding, cork panel (an expensive option), Venetian plaster and others.

Before producing interior trim balconies with their hands and to choose one or the other material, it is necessary to pay attention and take into account the following points and nuances:

  • side on which there is a balcony or a loggia (solar, not solar);
  • there a possibility of water seepage (not loggia with neighbors on top or last floor).

If there is a risk of contact with the lining of direct sunlight, then trim clapboard better to eliminate as wood tends to warp and crack, and the paint coating, which is usually covered with paneling - to dry out and crack.In the case of direct contact with water on top or high likelihood it will happen, do not use any wood trim (Lining, Lining) or gypsum board, as the wood swells and is deformed, and plasterboard, water-resistant, even when water gets on the end,not protected portion bulges to and begin to break down.

reveal the presence or absence of negative factors preclude the use of a material, you can proceed to his choice based on the capabilities of the budget, personal preferences and the situation.