Iron door: photos and reviews;

By Admin | Doors
01 May 2016

front doors have two functions - promotes the formation of appearance at home, and ensure his safety.And the second factor is often decisive, which explains the wide use for this purpose metal doors.If the first metal doors did not look very elegant, but today on the iron door of consumers say that they are not inferior to the appearance of the door leaf, made of solid wood.

There are certain rules that help you how to choose the iron door that it reliably protects the house and at the same time is his calling card, which gives an idea of ​​the taste and style of the home.

How to choose an iron door economy-class sound insulation, insulate and sheathe its

In many ways the question of what the iron door to choose depends on its value and on the degree of security that must be provided.The value depends on various factors: the thickness of the sheet metal rolling type bearing structure, the quality of locks and hardware, the type of decorative finishes, insulation, etc.The doors of economy class ha

ve good resistance to cracking, do not give way to models.Their relatively low cost associated with the use of cheaper materials and finishing technologies.

Today, manufacturers offer a large selection of metal doors for different categories of consumers.You can buy and expensive to design a reliable thermal and sound insulation, and can be a cheaper option and modify it yourself.Thus it is necessary to know how to insulate the iron door and provide high-quality soundproofing.

One of the ways by which you can provide additional protection from the noise and cold - set in the interior of the door insulation.You can use mineral wool or foam.Install foam a little easier, but we must remember that it is a combustible material and mineral wool further increase the fire door.

To install one of the sheets of insulation removed and temporarily lay into the interior of the insulation.Laying must be carried out so that the insulation does not prevent the move locking mechanism.After applying and securing insulation put in place earlier dismantled the metal sheet and set the door in place.If necessary, it can be pasted on the perimeter of the door seal or foam rubber.If you want to install in my house iron entrance door photo attached to the article will help you make a choice.

installation of iron doors with their hands: how to raise and handle them?

often install iron entrance doors manufactured by vendors.This gives an additional guarantee that all work will be carried out with appropriate quality and acquired a door will last a long time.Installs and small companies that specialize in the repair and similar services.

However, you can save and with the necessary experience and tools to establish an iron door on their own.But it is first necessary to meter the input of the doorway, and in accordance with its dimensions acquire appropriate door.Without an assistant do not succeed, because the weight of even the lightest iron door, usually in excess of 100 kg and at the same time during installation it must be carefully installed in the doorway.

distance between the door frame and the opening should not be large.The box is installed in the doorway, check its vertical and parallel.Thereafter secured by pins or anchors and filled with foam seal between the box and the opening.After hardening foam producing hanging iron door and its adjustment.When adjusting it is necessary to achieve a dense and uniform junction leaf to the box around the perimeter, as well as free entry pin and collar lock and locking mechanism.