Choosing blinds for balconies and loggias

By Admin | Window
29 April 2016

finishing balconies and loggias has its own characteristics.Particular attention is to be paid to the rational use of space.Today, more and more will convert the balcony as a place of rest.They are glazed, insulated and beautifully trim.But it is impossible to imagine a cozy room with no curtains.During the day they rescued from the scorching sun, and at night from prying eyes.

However, not all models of modern curtains on the windows are equally good for loggias.For example, textured curtains with warehouses will not only visually take up a lot of space, but dirty fairly quickly.It is much more convenient to use blinds or roller blinds.They are compact and easy to care for.

Blinds appeared in our country quite recently.Today, very popular for decoration of balconies and loggias are cluster system.They cloth curtain hiding in a kind of folding foam that protects them from dust and mechanical damage.Such designs are very easy to install, almost invisible when folded, and easy to operate.

important advantage of blinds is that they are suitable for any window system.The cassette can be attached directly to the window sash, and it will not interfere with its opening.In addition, the cassette roller blinds fabric moves on runners, which allows it to hold even with tilted flap in the mode of ventilation.

Separately, we note that many domestic manufacturers, such as the Aquilon, the proposed design is not only a variety of colors and textures, but also completely ready for operation.Simply buy a cassette system, remove from packaging and fasten the window.This can be done with screws and even with double-sided tape.

Blinds unlike traditional curtains better protect the balcony of the heat in the summer heat, free sill area and almost invisible.In addition, they are affordable and often cost even cheaper than sewing curtains of textile and buy eaves.

In addition, by varying the height of the blades in different wings of the light level can be adjusted or review your balcony.When choosing blinds for loggias better to give preference to models, cassette system which is made of aluminum alloy and canvas fabric with special impregnation, allowing wet cleaning.In this case, care for them will be simple, and they last for a long time without changing its original appearance.