What determines the price of plastic windows?

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27 April 2016

If you decide to replace the windows in the apartment or private home, before you could ask the question: how much will it cost?

Window firms in their price lists often indicate the prices in the "base set" on the window, which can grow as you discuss all the nuances.Let's try to understand what determines the price of plastic windows in Moscow, and how they shaped the cost to you when ordering feel confident and spoke with experts on an equal footing.

  1. size plastic window. size - it is the first thing that affects the cost of the windows.Before contacting a company in the window, you should, at least approximately, to know the size of your windows.A tape measure to measure the width of the window opening from the left to the right of the slope, and height - from the top of the slope up to the window sill.Record the figures in millimeters, for example, 1330 to 1410.
  2. Custom window. If your window has a rectangular shape and an abnormally large size, it can be attributed to the standard windows, th
    e price of such windows is calculated by a simple formula.If you need some windows of unusual shape - round, trapezoidal or arch, the cost calculation is possible only after the window opening measuring and calculating wind loads.Note that non-standard windows will cost more rectangular.
  3. Number of wings determined by the width of your window opening, but if you change windows, the number of leaflets will be the same as the old windows.
  4. options of opening the valves. Each plastic window sash can be either deaf (not open) or rotary (swing), or swing-out (with an additional mechanism for airing).Deaf leaf contain opener, so are cheaper to open.However, before you decide to save on opening shutters, well thought out, how will you wash those windows and ventilate the room.
  5. Window profile - plastic base from which made the frame and the window sash.Window Profile companies offer a variety of manufacturers - REHAU, VEKA, KBE, etc., Each of which is worthy of attention, but it has its own features and price.Moreover, if you stop for any particular manufacturer, you will be offered another different modification profiles, for example, REHAU Brilliant, REHAU Sib, REHAU Euro and so on. In order to understand which option is right for your case, ask the seller thanthey differ.Focus on characteristics such as the installation depth (the depth of the system), the number of air chambers, thermal insulation.
  6. IGU - customers often referred to as plastic windows, but it's just part of the translucent windows, which may have different characteristics and, therefore, cost.Double glazing can be with 2 or with 3 glasses, it can also be equipped with energy-saving glass (energy-saving glazing) or impact-resistant glass (triplex).
  7. sills and flows may also affect the cost of plastic windows, because they, too, are selected by size of the window opening.In addition, if we talk about the windowsills, they can be plastic and wood, have a variety of manufacturers.It is clear that the tree will cost more than the usual white plastic, and domestic sills much cheaper than imported.
  8. Finishing slopes - extras that are offered by most window companies.If you agree to it, then a new window will get completed in a neat installation day, however, and the cost of the window at the same time will increase significantly.
  9. lamination of plastic windows and stained glass windows.If white window does not fit in your home decor, you can order it extra finish laminating film, which will give the window any texture or color of the directory.Instead of transparent glass, stained glass window you can choose.Of course, these elegant windows will cost you much more expensive than conventional white.
  10. Installation of windows may also differ in price.For example, installing windows clamshell tri-less installation, or, for example, the balcony unit.And the type of your home can also affect the final cost of the window - in brick houses have their own particular installation, so it costs more expensive.

As you can see, the final cost of the plastic window is influenced by many factors, and to bring the exact price of plastic windows need to consider all of them.We hope that your article, we have helped you a little look into the matter.

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