The price is formed of plastic windows

By Admin | Window
27 April 2016

In today's market there is a huge range of plastic window that allows you to purchase a model not only for taste but also their means.Each customer is very important reasonable compromise "price-quality."Let's look at the question of how many there are plastic windows, and that affects their pricing.

  1. One of the factors affecting the value of the window is the quality of the basic profile.Of course, the price depends on the profile of the company's products and technologies that determine the strength and sustainability of the product.
  2. window size and the amount of influence on the transom profile of the material flow and, therefore, the final cost of the product.
  3. The thickness of the profile (5-15sm) and the number of cameras depends on glass used indicators such as heat insulation, sound insulation and its price.
  4. Number of opening the valves and fittings used in this case is also making its share in the total cost of plastic windows.
  5. If your house is thick walls - the cost of window sills and sl
    opes will be significant.
  6. windows with an unusual design and shaped structure (such as "arch") will be more expensive than their "standard" counterparts.
  7. colored frames, the use of unusual glasses (colored, tinted, mirrored etc.) - The use of this type of decoration will greatly increase your costs.

price of plastic windows varies depending on the season.Winter is considered "dead" season, as the demand for such jobs is significantly reduced.Companies engaged in the production and installation of plastic windows, make discounts and organize various promotions to attract customers.

If you decide to install in your house, plastic windows - leave it all works the same company.Firstly, it is at least desirable from the standpoint of monetary savings.Second, you will not have long to wonder, to whom one of your contractors handle the claim, in case of any problems during the operation of the windows.