Drainage trays concrete, reinforced concrete and plastic : the device and the depth of the installation ;how to make a drainage ditch with their hands

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26 April 2016

One of the simplest and most common methods of diversion of storm and rain water - an open drainage system.Often it is simply a system of drainage ditches with their hands, which actually does not require the cost of materials.But such drainage is not only spoils the overall landscape of the site, but also needs constant care and is labor intensive.That is why today more and more site owners bends storm and melt water is made from ready-made trays that are not only blurred and easy to clean, but also quite organically fit into any landscape design.

How to make and install drainage trays with bars for drainage at the site

The simplest and most common in the private construction of drainage system - a livnevki from which water flows into a drainage tunnel, where after clearing the debris and sand removed upsettingthrough drains or drainage ditches.In this case, almost always used close the tray with decorative grilles.For areas where the soil is saturated with water, the system may provide drainage c
hannels to drain excess water off-site.Grilles and closed trays commonly used for pedestrian areas and in places where traffic.Depending on the load model and may be changed, and the material of the trough.

To date, the most commonly used: the drain pan, plastic, concrete, betonpolimerny, less metal.Plastic products are an excellent choice for a private area.They are cheap, easy to install and care, but quite unstable to mechanical stress, and are suitable for use in areas with small load (pedestrian and light traffic light vehicles).

Concrete drainage trays may vary by brand and, consequently, for its intended purpose.The strongest of these are used in areas with heavy loads - highways, airports, railways.However, in addition to strength and low price, in these trays, there are drawbacks.They are heavy, which makes them expensive and inconvenient transportation installation.In addition, this non-plastic material, and can be cracked during freezing.Betonpolimernye product much lighter and more durable, but they are quite expensive.

Metal gutters today may be of galvanized steel or stainless steel, but they are expensive and used today only in those areas where the installation of trays made of other materials is impossible or difficult.

How to make and install drainage trays with bars for drainage at the site

Install drainage gutters of any material on the concrete base, and in areas of intensive exercise necessary and concrete slopes.Installation of bins start from the highest point of the system, with a general bias must be respected.If the site has a natural slope, the drainage is done simply on it, and if the angle is insignificant or absent, it creates an artificial, varying the depth of the channel.

Installation begin with the installation of trash boxes, and then collect the trays themselves butt.Must install them in such a way that the upper edge of the grill or were 3 mm below ground level, pavement or paving.