Frames slopes

By Admin | Window
25 April 2016

When installing new windows and dismantling old windows box, usually there is a significant destruction of window slopes.To restore the window slopes with their own hands can be a method of plastering cement or gypsum-containing mixtures.

Before finishing window slopes, you need to thoroughly clean the window opening of debris and dirt, remove the old cracked plaster and - cut off excess foam, which was treated with the gap between the frame and the window opening. during operation is highly undesirable to open the transom window to avoid falling construction debris and dust into the mechanism that may impair its functioning.The very surface of the window is recommended to hide the protective film.

to the surface of the wall around the perimeter of the window fastened, on the level and using a drill, boards.Board will help make possible smooth corners.After drying the applied primer layer of plaster is applied.After the primer has dried well, the surface puttied you will need to run two spatula: a (no

t less than the width of the slope) and small.Using a small spatula, we will apply the plaster on the slopes, using a large spatula do tie.One edge of a large spatula spatula moves parallel to the window frame, the second - "slides" on the board.We get a nice smooth slope.Once the plaster dries, remove the board.We clean the slopes with the help of a fine-grained sandpaper.Dye slopes Window recommended acrylic paint, two coats (giving time to dry each), using a paint roller.When the room will be pokleit wallpaper using liquid nails at an angle of window slopes need to glue the plastic corner.

finishing window slopes above method is the most common and most cost-effective option.