Sun protection film on windows

By Admin | Window
22 April 2016

tinting windows of the apartment, the balcony or the office building contains not only interesting solution design, but also serves a practical function, allowing you to get rid of the hot sun and prying eyes.There are several types of dubbing films:

  • Sunglasses (reflective)
  • Decorative
  • Safety (shock)

To room was filled with soft natural light, it is enough to use sunscreen installation film.Thus the appearance of no worse.In addition, window film mirror will provide reliable protection against overheating the room in the hot summer.If a window has a reflective film, it will protect the curtains and blinds from direct sunlight, which means that the fabric will not burn.

Simple sun protection film on windows regulates the amount of light in the room and brings other practical benefits.To change the qualitative characteristics of the window (or increase its strength soundproofing) use protective films .Typically, such films are used on the windows of office buildings, premises, requiring the pr

otection of listening, shop windows, as well as residential premises.If your home has small children, for sure, will interest you the opportunity to make your windows safe area and not to flinch every time a child's toy or a ball flies toward them.In addition, the protective film can help maintain the integrity of your windows during a disaster.

Safety functions such films depend on their thickness.Thus, a film thickness of 112 microns sustain only small impact forces.If the film thickness is increased to 200 microns, it is able to withstand the impact of the bottle, stone, a piece of ice and other objects.Films with a thickness of 225 microns for maximum protection of the premises and are able to withstand the blows of an ax, a hammer, steel rods.

Thus, the use of toning films not only transforms the appearance of the windows in the room, but also increases their functionality.