Balcony frame for your home

By Admin | Window
21 April 2016

Glazing balconies - a procedure which can not be avoided, if you decide to insulate your home and / or extend the useful area by squaring the balcony or loggia.Particular attention should be given to the question of what should be the future of the balcony frame.We must carefully perform all measurements of length and width, sophisticated design (number of inlets, opening the way), choose the material.To date, the most popular are balcony frames made of wood and aluminum.

wooden frame for the balcony - for fans of natural materials.Installation of conventional wooden frames - pretty economical option.A significant drawback of this design is its instability to moisture (possible deformation during operation) is not the highest level of sound insulation and waterproofing.Furthermore, such a frame needs periodic painting.

But today more and more applications are high-quality wooden frames, which use modern windows and accessories.Folds they opened with swing-out mechanism.Before installing these structu

res are necessary processing - of their pre-dried, primed and painted.Note that if you decide to install a frame, the save will fail.However, you will be benefited from the practical point of view.

balcony Aluminium frame - is functional and beautiful.With an aluminum profile, you can create the design of any complexity and shape imitating any finishing material.It is reliable, durable and unpretentious.Such a frame has a relatively small weight.To open the valves can be used sliding or swing-out mechanism.Aluminum profile is of two kinds - for « warm » and « cold » glazing."Cold" aluminum profile is used to protect the area of ​​the balcony or loggia from the weather.In that case, if you plan to thoroughly insulate your balcony, you need to use "warm" aluminum profile.