The problems associated with plastic windows, and how to resolve them

By Admin | Window
21 April 2016

Most of those who ordered the installation of PVC windows and Yaroslavl, and in other localities, faced with the appearance of condensation on the windows.The problem occurs regardless of the material from which made the window and can be a consequence not only of improper installation.In this article we will examine the root cause of condensate - ventilated.

All apartment buildings are designed with a natural ventilation system. It provides for the removal of dirty air through a system of ducts, which are located in the kitchen and bathrooms, and the supply of fresh air is not ideal due to the density of window designs.

Since production of PVC window provides complete sealing design, after installation, the system of natural ventilation stops completely, which leads to not very positive consequences:

  • comfortable accommodation in this apartment is substantially reduced;
  • increased humidity levels;
  • air quality declines;
  • increases the risk of mold on the windows, which is extremely positive effect
    on the health of residents.

correct the situation could be occasional ventilation, but watch out for this inconvenient.Furthermore, it is not carried out for a long time that does not solve the problem.

producers offered to fix the situation, equipping windows winter ventilation mode, but it is not an option.Left a small gap between sash and frame, provokes:

  • cold drafts;
  • changes in temperature and humidity, especially in winter;
  • penetration into the room the street noise and insects;
  • accelerated wear of moving structural elements;
  • risk of occurrence of breaking;
  • permanent control over ventilation.

There is a paradoxical situation: the windows were bought to the house was quiet and warm, and they have to constantly open.

problem can be solved if to order windows with inlets that ensures normal level of air intake from the street and continued operation of the system of natural ventilation.Throughput valve does not create any discomfort for the occupants, even if they are in the room as the air flows from the ceiling of the street are continuously air vent.Thus, all the benefits of the plastic window.In turn, the tightness of PVC windows is a plus if you are using an independent system of ventilation.But the high cost does not allow to use this technology in large-scale construction.

As you can see, the problem of condensation is easily solved if all to think in advance and choose the appropriate design that will allow for good air circulation in the room without opening the window.