Dreams come true with plastic windows Rehau!

By Admin | Window
20 April 2016

is impossible to express all the feelings and emotions that one experiences at a time when his dream comes true of peace and quiet in your own house.I understand only those who live in a noisy crowded city, whose windows overlook the road, shaken by the constant hum of vehicles and shrouded by exhaust gases.It is hell: the window is not open, sometimes not sleep at night, increased anxiety, poor sleep, irritability provoked scandals in the family. Where in this case, to go, where to go?And so you want to own a house of peace and quiet!

I have heard many good things about windows Rehau, but somehow I thought it all a fabrication.No, I tell you - this is the true reality and salvation!

year ago I ordered from the German Fabokon profiles, and my dream of peace and quiet come true.Company address gave me one, and I did not hesitate for a minute.A friend can not be bad advice, so I decided, and now I do not regret anything.

order was ready in five days, the installation carried out per day.Guys, I really

liked installers - worked quickly, without delay and smoking breaks, and, most importantly, quality.Well done!Such employees should be appreciated.

During the month began to notice that the dream has become calmer, irritability disappeared.While reading the newspaper, I did not hear the noise of cars.Tightness profiles and a special device to ventilate the room to get rid my home of dust and harmful gases, improve the overall indoor climate.Profiles with automatic mikroprovetrivaniya - it's just a miracle.In our house somehow for a healthy life fighting I alone - smoker.My wife is a baby, completely devoured, and do not want to throw.Technology mikroprovetrivaniya great saved me from the attacks of the household.

I will not go into the technical details of what I think I'll be able to defend his dissertation.Just I want to give advice to anyone who has a dream of a quiet house: pay attention to the sound insulation properties.To improve the sound insulation of plastic windows practiced the following methods: internal chamber glass filled with argon (an inert gas), the installation of sound-insulating laminated glass, insulated glass up to 8 mm, the width of the profile of at least 70 mm.Pay attention to it, then your dream will come true.

Now I want to install plastic doors - will turn it into the company Fabokon.

satisfied customer, Alexander Vasilyev