The roof of metal: assembly technology , photos and videos on how the device is made of metal roofing

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25 April 2016

Metal sheets made of steel, aluminum or copper.It profiled by cold pressure, and covered with a protective layer of polymer.This roofing material is ideal for everything pitched roofs.Its feature is the ease.

Though in appearance and looks like a metal, it actually consists of several layers, including myself sheet steel, its double-sided primer zinc on both sides, protective and decorative polymer.

Metal or soft roof can be laid in various ways, but one of the most beautiful is the installation of six shingles.

Beautiful roof of metal: photo examples of coating thickness and material properties

technology devices roofs of metal exists in the construction market for quite some time, right before it is made of simple sheets of galvanized steel.Time has shown that too much iron is amenable to the environment, in particular, and of precipitation, from which the roof must protect in the first place.In the operation began to lose not only its appearance but also begins to rust, forming a place requiri
ng repair.Here and come to the aid of science.Manufacturers have conducted studies and tests resulted in the modern metal with a reliable coated against corrosion.Now it is widely used both in the construction of small private houses, and in the construction of the huge houses.

to soon not have to do the repair of the roof of metal, should approach the issue of its choice very carefully.Since the production process of the material is quite meticulous, in handicraft conditions to produce a quality product will be absolutely impossible.Firstly, it is necessary to know a brand of used steel, as well as its thickness.It is from these parameters will directly depend on its service life.Second, verify that the coating has been used for.A particularly important role is played by the polymer deposited on the front side.Typically, it is possible to determine how much metal is qualitative.Take a sheet and weigh it in your hands, the good stuff will be a little harder wrong.In addition, it should have a bright color, with clearly pronounced texture.

Basic properties and dimensions of reliable roofing material:

  • absolute incombustibility;
  • long service life, the fifteen to sixty years;
  • convenience and ease of installation;
  • a huge range of colors and texture options, made to order;
  • 0,4-0,7 mm possible thickness of metal for roofing;
  • 0,5-8 meters length;
  • 1,18 meters width.

To perform a beautiful installation of metal roofing instructions will not be enough.It is to see how it looks visually, at least in the photo.

Installation of metal roofing: video instruction description stacking technology

Roof metal tile roof with his hands is not really even a simple.Although, if you have experience in various types of construction and installation operations, it is possible to try to carry it out.One of the advantages of the material is its lightness, therefore, we do not need a powerful truss system.Besides sheets have impressive dimensions, and therefore suitable sheathing and rare.Agree, it starts pretty sparingly.With the right approach, simple variants of the roof will cost us only five percent of the material loss, but the complex has at least thirty-five.

Proper roof of metal, a video of which we present for your judgment, has its own ventilation.If omitted, the inside of the sheet begins to condense, leading to oxidation, and then by a rapid deterioration of the structure.Here it is necessary to consider one more small detail, the device of the roof of metal, on which the statement is written correctly describes only one correct version of the installation - from the inside out on the principle of increasing the vapor resistance.Visually it looks like this:
  • steam, protect against evaporation of moisture from the home;
  • layer of insulation, the most commonly used glass wool, but perfectly suitable and plastic;
  • first layer of air, wide and thirty millimeters;
  • waterproofing membrane protects against external moisture throughout the long service life;
  • second layer of air, equal to the previous value;
  • just sheet metal.

roof of metal with their hands fastened to the crate using screws.To seal the holes and insulation used rubber gaskets.Single sheets should be laid overlapping one another.Its value is directly proportional to the reduction in the angle of the roof.

For those who like to study every question thoroughly as possible, we have provided a device of the roof of metal, video instruction with maximum detail each conducted the installation process.