Corrugated roofing : the size and choice of photos and videos ;how to perform the installation of a roof of corrugated board with his own hands

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25 April 2016

roofing sheeting is considered one of the most practical, both in functionality and cost.The material is made of galvanized steel by cold rolling.Corrugated sheets are covered by several protective layers, providing material durability.One of the main advantages of corrugated board - a wide range of sizes, colors and wave heights, allowing you to choose the right material.Corrugated roofing installation is done on top of the rafters or battens, sheets are stacked, beginning with ramp or one of the ends.The sides of the corrugated board are mounted on top of each other with overlap (depending on roof design, it is 0.5 to 1.5 wave).The sheets are fixed with screws.

device roof of corrugated board and photo examples of best roofing

thickness of the sheets of corrugated board varies from 0.5 to 1.2 mm, trapezoidal waves of different heights act as stiffeners.The thicker the metal and higher profile, the stronger will the roof being built of corrugated board.The protective coating is made of multilayer
zinc aluzink or polymers.There are various materials of coating, for example, is applied over the decorative galvanized polymer.

Decking has several advantages.Firstly, it is resistant to atmospheric agents and mechanical damage and long keeps an aesthetic appearance.Second, decking can be easily mounted and fixed.Third, due to the low weight reduces the requirements for the strength of the rafters and purlins.

Issued Class 3 sheeting (C, H, NS).The roof of corrugated board is done with their own hands only of corrugated Class H from the other species, it is reliable, durable and high strength, which ensure thick, extra ribs, and wave height.

Roof Roof Decking: video instruction on packing, size and material consumption

Now let's consider what's best for the roof decking.Better use of the sheets, the length of which is the same or slightly greater than the length of the roof.This approach avoids the cross overlaps and joints and improves waterproofing characteristics of the roof.Also, the use of whole longitudinal roofing sheets facilitates payment.To learn how to choose roofing corrugated sheets, and how much, simply divide the width of the roof to the width of the profile being used.

Note Almost all manufacturers specify as nominal (geometric) size sheeting for roofs and effective (including pads).For convenience of calculations to better focus on the second digit.

Let's look at how to perform roofing Roof Decking hands.Installation material is on top of crates (crate stuffed after hydro and thermal insulation).Crate can be used as a solid and thinned.All parts of wooden constructions antiseptics necessarily processed, warning rot and fire wood.After cutting corrugated size can be lifted him to the roof and mount.

roof of corrugated board - installation instructions as follows:

  • sheeting is attached to the crate with special screws made of white metal.Hex cap screws are equipped with such gaskets.Most often the bottom of the wave used fasteners dimensions 4,8 × 35 mm 4,8X20 mm.To attach the top of a long screws are taken from 80 mm (depending on the height of the ribs).
  • sheets are mounted with overlap in a half-wave to the gentle rays (8-12 °) and half-wave for steeper roofs.
  • Longitudinal and transverse joints are reinforced with masking tape or mastic asphalt.All places of contiguity of the roof for vertical surfaces (ribs, valleys) overlap with metal profile seal bitumastic.
  • on the pediment of the installed wind lining.