Interior doors of solid pine: reviews and photos, as well as input pine doors for home and garden

By Admin | Doors
25 April 2016

One of versatile materials for the production of door panels is pine.Indeed, modern doors to garden of pines, as well as products for the apartments, the oak is much cheaper options, and their performance characteristics are at approximately the same level.Paneled doors of pine allow premises to "breathe" and thus reliably protect them from drafts, cold and other adverse factors.In addition, the right fabric made from this natural material in itself is a natural work of art, because of its natural pattern capable of hitting its beauty and uniqueness.

entrance doors made of pine wood paneled unpainted

While most front doors today are made of metal, natural pine also remains quite popular material for the production of this type of product.Indeed, the doors of solid pine with a clear compliance process can provide a sufficiently high level of protection for your home.Typically, such webs have a greater thickness of a few centimeters, allowing noise and insulate a house without insulation.Of course,

they will not last as long resist cracking as metal, but even the latter can not guarantee absolute safety, so do not consider this parameter specifies.

At the same time the door unpainted pine can offer much more in terms of design than metal products.Natural fabric can be covered with lacquer or other transparent cover that allows you to save a beautiful view of the natural texture and can be painted in any color pleasing to the owner.That is why many manufacturers specially produce models that do not have a factory covering.It is worth noting that such coverage can be a must, as it is able to make the web all required for normal eksluatatsii specifications.

Wooden interior doors of pine for painting

much more popular internal doors of pine tree.Such webs may be manufactured from veneered or natural array.Excellent basis for the first embodiment, are low cost and easy maintenance, is glued solid pine.In addition, these products have a very presentable.This makes them suitable for any type of interiors, especially the classical style.As for the wooden doors of solid pine, they can not offer such a wonderful performance as the veneered leaf.But at the same time, they benefit significantly in terms of visual appeal.

However, no matter which option you choose, you are guaranteed to get a natural product, with its unique flavor and appearance.In addition, this material is characterized by environmental friendliness that allows the pine door panels in all areas, including the children's rooms and kitchens.All this together and provided them with a high popularity among owners of houses and apartments, as well as among truckers, equip your holiday home.