Coupe Doors: photos, species, size, design, build, and install door coupe with their hands

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25 April 2016

If you want to install interior doors, coupe will be a good one for this goal.They have their advantages - they are strategically located in the narrow corridor, will give personality to your interior.When selecting this item premises, you can simultaneously think about how to arrange the furniture in the room and what style to issue room.

They also have their drawbacks.Near the sliding interior doors - compartment (photo clearly shows this) can not put furniture because they occupy some space near the wall.Door leaves are tightly adjacent to each other, so let in light, sound and different smells.

compartment door for walk-in closet (photo): mirrored glass, with photo printing and sandblasted pattern

There are three basic designs: pendant, wall and cassette.

  • mounted systems are the most common.The name itself suggests that such door coupe hung on the wall or ceiling with the help of guides.They are something like a roller mechanism for curtains.Door leaves go rollerblading along the wall at a
    distance, usually two centimeters.
  • Suspended doors - compartment attached to the top of the doorway, they would have installed it.It is worth noting that both hinged and suspended door coupe does not make it possible to save space.Close to the wall, along which they move, you can not put anything.Therefore, they are suitable for areas where there is no question save space.
  • Cassette systems are part of the wall, at the opening of the door leaf is hidden in it, which saves space and does not interfere located next to furniture.Cassette they are called because of their structure comprises a metal cassette, which is considered the door frame.Installation of doors - compartment of this type is possible either in a doorway, or after the destruction of the wall or septum.After installing the cassette mechanism close plasterboard.

very good solution will be door - coupein the dressing room.It is worth noting that the mirror doors - compartment installed in a small room, visually enhance it.Therefore, in this case, the mirror can be only one door leaf - compartment.In fact, the door to the dressing room set made of any material, thereby making the interior space original and unique.Dressing can be separated from the main space of the door - coupe with photo printing.This will give the room a unique style.

Sliding interior doors coupe: suspended, radius, cassette, stained glass, plastic

design doors - compartment consists of a leaf, and they can be several sets of rails, wheels and cassettes, which may not be included in this set.The roller mechanism includes rollers themselves, stop and stop, which fix the door without letting it go beyond its possible movement.When you select a device for doors - compartment interior (photo you can see in this article), you must consider how much weight the door leaf.If it is light, it is possible to manage the two rollers, and if severe - at least four.By the way, save for such a mechanism is not recommended.Therefore, the more doors - Coupe, the more will have to pay for the additional components.

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materials from which the web is carried out, a great many.This may be solid wood or composite materials - particle board, finished with laminate or wood veneer, pieces of wood, glass or plastic.They may include various kinds of materials.Glass doors - compartment is made of an opaque or translucent glass.An interesting option of combining these two glasses with clear goals.See these doors - compartment will be unusual because of the glare of light and haze of the game brilliantly.Glass doors are very popular, they create a feeling of lightness, which is important in small rooms.

How to build Compartment door and install them in the hallway, living room or kitchen

If you know how to install doors - Coupe, you do yourself a job will be easy, the main thing to be careful and follow all with the utmost care.

First, measure the size of the opening, which will be installed door coupe.Only then can buy the structure.Door leaves should exceed the size of the opening by a few centimeters.This applies to both their height and width.If an opening wide enough, it is set at least two blades.

Please attach a metal rail with screwsa wooden beam cross section of 50 mm, which is nailed to the wall anchors.Then the strip is attached to the upper end of the door.It is intended to install the rollers.On the lower end of the slots should be done.

inserted into the guide rollers, which are bolted door panels.Self-tapping screws attached to the floor of the lower roller, which is set via the slot door - coupe, then mounted stops and close to the wall nailed timber trim strip.

We have considered how to assemble doors - compartment.And in the final stage of installation of this construction is required to adjust the horizontal door leaf and install the door handles.

Additional information about the finish and components

How to decorate a doorway for a sliding design?

options for openings where doors are installed sliding doors, there may be several.First - the same material that went into the design of the walls in the room.This may be the wallpaper, decorative plaster, tile or even painting Drywall.But the wallpaper, plaster and paint may eventually overwrite and lose their decorative qualities, and tiles spread in such a place - not an easy task.

Best option - to put decorative trim box.Firms producing interior door coupe, do the same and these boxes.You will only need to specify when ordering the box door.This finish comes in ready form, with details tailored to the size of the opening.For installation, you can use the services of the master or do-it-yourselfers.Sliding door with a flap

How to decorate a doorway?

If you finish the opening is carried out by means of false-boxes, the installation of the door coupe begins with him.He is going the box on the floor, and then embedded in the doorway.Next, using wooden wedges made positioning box: level checked vertical and horizontal elements.When deviations wedges are driven deeper, or vice versa, are drawn.

For internal struts to use two rails, the same length - top and bottom.After the box will be exposed, the gaps between them and the walls are filled with foam.Then you can begin the installation of the support beams for the rail and hanging on her door.And the final stage finishes - installation of a decorative panel on the support bar.Fixing box for sliding doors

What to look for when choosing a door?

compartment When choosing interior doors - photos of the various options you've watched, probably more than once, you should pay attention not only on the type of mechanism.Of great importance is the design of individual parts.For example - the lower guide.There are two types of guides:

  • U-shape - the most simple and inexpensive option.Performed only its basic role - for rail clips.
  • with a groove for the boot - boot inserted in a guide constitutes an obstacle to the dust, foreign odors and noise.This is ideal for dressing rooms and bedrooms.The door in this case will cost a bit more expensive.

guides on Compartment door photo you see below are the two types described above: U-shaped groove and anther.Guides for compartment door

As the upper part of the tape is fastened doors?

Installing door with his hands being on the support bar, which is set to create a preliminary internal partitions.The cross section of the reference beam to the guide - 50x70 cm, for mounting frame used anchors (132h10 mm).The height of the fixing of the reference beam consists of the following:

  • height subfloor + finish floor.
  • lower guide - approx.15 mm.
  • height of the door leaf.
  • height fastener top guide - from 45 to 55 mm.

Location upper guide on supporting bar is calculated based on the distance between the main and internal partitions.We measure, divide the number by two - this would be the axis of the rails.After installation, the guide sets the upper limiter which prevents excessive care doors in the wall.Installation of interior doors coupe own hands: video demonstrates the process of installation.

Dressing: why the door coupe?

Built as a storage system is gradually going out of fashion, as they come to replace wardrobe.In a typical apartment, of course, it is difficult for them to allocate free area.However, there is a solution: by installing door coupe in the dressing room can be turned into any convenient niche.The web is set in this case half way, with one or two rails.Cassette or Radius mechanism here is not convenient.

Number of wings is selected depending on the width of the niche, but usually there are at least two - way operation of the premises will be more comfortable.In some cases, the door to make a dressing mirror - it's a good way to visually enlarge a small corridor.In addition, there is no need to purchase and installation of mirrors, if the entrance to the dressing room is located in the hallway.Dressing the door coupe

How to Choose a Roller mechanisms for sliding design?

installing hinged doors on the rollers with your hands, it is better not to be tempted by cheap aluminum device, especially in the lower part, which takes up almost the entire weight of the door.The soft metal is deformed over time, leading to misalignment of the whole mechanism of the door.Optimal stuff here - carbon stainless steel - it will stand and glass doors.But on the upper roller load is very small, so they may not be metal, and a polymer of high strength, high resistance to abrasion.

You should also check with the seller bearing on the quality of information systems - they must be made of metal having a minimum coefficient of friction.The lower the ratio, the easier and quieter will move the door leaf.Rollers on the interior doors, hinged, photos you see - the left lower and the right - the top.Roller mechanisms for door coupe

And what about the size of the door coupe?

mechanism coupe is good for the fact that its installation does not require measurements of doorways to the millimeter.And more often in specialized stores can be immediately ready to buy interior doors, the dimensions of which are suitable for your apartment.Of course, this applies only to standard openings, the size of the plug which will be the next:

  • width - from 63 to 97 cm for single structures and from 110 to 160 cm for two and tricuspid.
  • height - from 194 to 204 cm, it is the same for openings of any width.

If you need door coupe, the size or shape of which do not coincide with the standard, it will likely need to order them separately.Accordingly, these doors are more expensive than standard.Sizes for door coupe