Fusing roofing : installation, repair and installation technology in the video ;that is fusing roofing materials ?

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23 April 2016

One of the most important stages in the construction of any structure is the roof device.It assumes a number of negative environmental factors.They include precipitation, temperature, exposure to UV rays.Quality and roofing material can be different, but the most simple and unpretentious is a soft roll fusion roofing, which can be installed on flat and pitched roofs on.For flat roofs surfaced roof will be the best option, since the use of other materials is simply impractical.

soft surfaced roll roofing: the device and application, advantages and disadvantages

Roll material belongs to the economy class.This cover has advantages over other materials and does not perform a decorative function, and protective.Rolls, based on the square meter weight are small, which greatly facilitates installation.The simplicity of the device surfaced roofing does not require special equipment and specific knowledge.High elasticity combined with strength, hydro and noise insulation.It plays an important role as fire a
nd environmental safety.

long past remains fragile coil coatings, which were issued on the basis of bitumen, cardboard and many impurities that are harmful to health and the environment.Modern analogues are durable, safe, and have the necessary strength, though still alive prejudice to the soft roof, made of rolled materials.

Available facing materials for roofs based on glass or glass fiber and polyester.The multilayer coating of modified bitumen waterproofing properties of the roof increases.On top of the surface there is a protective layer of fine- or coarse aggregate - sand or mica and shale.Often found and scaly covering.This helps to make the deposited roof more resistant to any influences, mechanical or chemical, it is waterproof and is non-flammable.Fusible film covers the lower part of the roof is welded, its melting technology described in any instruction.

used for the production of roll materials surfaced bitumen modifiers impart flexibility, heat resistance and stability when exposed to hot sunlight.

surfaced roof with his hands: Video instruction about installation

as a basis for fusing the roof can be any solid base.Before starting work, carry out some work.Arrange roofing pie, make gravity layer, which uses concrete block, the drain funnel.Stack vapor barrier membrane, insulation and waterproofing.The prepared surface is coated with a primer for surfaced roofing, video provides a step by step guide on the device surfaced roofing.Most often used as a primer bitumen diluted certain amount of kerosene.

When repairing the old roof of the deposited coating can not be removed if there are no bubbles or is not peeled off from the base.

roll fusion roofing stacked overlap by continuous fusing or partial.In the second case it is possible to prevent the formation of bubbles, but the place is possible to find the leak will be more difficult.The gas burner heats up the bottom layer of the roll and firmly pressed to the ground.It is worth to remember about fire safety and that of work are on top.