Roofing iron , galvanized and polymer-coated steel roofing , installation of the device and a metal roof

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22 April 2016

Despite the emergence of a wide selection of roofing materials - Metal roofing is still very popular in their favor is the durability and reliability, time-tested, and the ability to completely cover the roof of all shapes and designs.In addition, thanks to modern metal roof coverings are not in need of care and serves for decades without further processing and repairs.Moreover, this type of material is fast to install, especially with modern folding tools.

Metal Roofing: galvanized iron, steel sheet, the thickness and size of the sheet

Today conventional steel roof is almost never used.Such a corrosion resistant metal, and any coatings applied at home, require regular updates.That is why it everywhere supplanted other materials.

most common today is galvanized roofing steel.It is characterized by a low price and are available in all regions.It is made of cold rolled steel by applying a thin layer of zinc on both sides.The width and length of the sheets from different manufacture

rs can vary.The most common thickness of 0.5 mm can be considered for overhangs, drainage systems and the various elements of roofing material used 0.6 mm, and for the production of profiled roofing (metaloocherepitsa, decking) - 0.4 mm.

also now gaining popularity roofing iron coated.It is fairly new to our region solution, but in Europe it is used for a long time.This laminate.Steel is coated on both sides with zinc, then one moans primer paint and on the other - with a thin layer of polymer.Such roofs are not only durable, but also beautiful and can be of any hue.

Special mention deserve materials, non-ferrous metals.Gold is considered to be a classic copper.It not only virtually forever, and installation of a metal roof is simple and leaves almost no waste.But today, such coverage is expensive, so uncommon and is considered as a sign of good taste and high income.

By innovations necessary to carry sheets of titanium-zinc alloy.They are practically no way inferior to copper, but is much cheaper.Today, this material is incredibly popular among European architects, in his favor saying the beauty of the finished surface, the life, the limited service life of the building, and ease of assembly and molding.

Metal roof with his hands: installation and repair of roofing iron

today by way of installation can be called two types of metal roofing - seamed and out of corrugated sheets.The first type is mounted by connecting individual fragments (paintings) folds.The longitudinal joints (along the slope) make standing and cross - immobile.Seams can be bent by hand and rolls a special tool.Profiled sheets are fixed to crate different hardware.

Despite its strength and durability, it is sometimes necessary repair metal roof.In the case of leakage may need additional seam sealing.When mechanical damage put patches on 5-10 cm more than the damaged area.