Roof sandwich panels : the device , the slope and mount ;how to perform the installation of roof sandwich panels ( Video )

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21 April 2016

To protect the walls of sandwich panels are used more in the 70s, but the roof panel appeared a little later.As the name suggests, sandwich panels - a multi-layered cake for the roof, ready for installation.They are used to cover the commercial, sports and industrial construction, as well as mansard roofs of private buildings.Having a special locks latch securely holds them together, preventing any penetration of moisture into the room.Today sandwich panels firmly occupied a niche in the construction industry, especially where erect frame buildings.

Roof sandwich panels: the technical characteristics of the device, the size and weight

used as feedstock in the manufacture of sandwich panels of stainless sheet steel.They are easy frameless construction, typically three layers.Between two sheets of galvanized steel coated with polymers is warmer.Externally, the sandwich roof looks very modern and prestigious.

as insulation panels in mineral wool or fiberglass, polyurethane foam (P

UF) or expanded polystyrene (EPS).There are options for thermal insulation and combined.Mineral wool has a fibrous structure, it does not burn, but there is a risk of fungus.Fiberglass fireproof, so the sandwich roof with the insulation used in the construction of buildings with a high fire risk.PPS is resistant to chemical and biological influences, waterproof, weight roof sandwich panels more than two times lighter than analog with insulation from mineral wool.PUR has the lowest thermal conductivity, durable, but fire hazard.

The advantages of sandwich roof include the relatively small weight of the structure, long service life without major repairs, resistance to deformation and weather influence, time savings during installation of the roof and the possibility not to apply an additional finish, ecological and aesthetic appearance, thanks to the different colorsand profiles, quick dismantling of the roof.The high cost of the sandwich roof is compensated for by reducing the cost of the device roofing pie.Producing sandwich panels for roofs of two kinds profiled on both sides or only to the outer.Also, they are joined or seamed roof locks.

Technology installation of roof sandwich panels: the slope and mount video

method of installation depends on the slope of the roof of the sandwich panels.If the slope of the roof will be installed one panel, the slope has to be more than 5%.When connecting several panels or in the presence of skylights - bias can not be less than 7%.

for laying large items used crane and panels larger than 8 meters was increased by the traverse.Prior to any installation operations to remove the protective film from the bottom.And working on the roof to prevent damage to the coating, it is necessary in soft shoes.

Before laying the sandwich roof elements, to enable tight connection on the joint, should be cut off protruding insulation.You should also cut the bottom sheet and roof sandwich insulation panels, trim size must be equal to the value of the joint.On the slope of the first end panel is installed.Attach it should be such that the sealing rubber washers are pressed against, but at the same time, it is not deformed.Coat with sealant joints and seams are folded and then clamp.

for fixing roof sandwich panels using screws, which must securely fasten all the elements.When installing and using the different fittings - connecting flashings, corners - internal and external, valley and horses.