Roll roofing : assembly technology , the device and dismantling ;Self-adhesive roll roofing materials for the roof

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21 April 2016

device of roll roofing is run on a simple and inexpensive objects that have a flat roof.This can be a barn or outbuilding and temporal overlap to a private home.Widespread use of roll roofing received at high-rise building, although in this case, the heavy-duty and reliable fusing options.

should not forget that the surface before laying must be carefully prepared.As a result, it must obtain a flat and smooth, but sufficiently rigid to prevent bowing when future process operation.

Roll fusing roofing materials: properties and composition, advantages and disadvantages

Roll materials for soft roof are divided into groups depending on the components from which they are made.In total there are four options:
  • roofing or waterproofing roofing material.It is made by impregnating the board oil bitumen.On both sides of the roof surface is applied to a special structure which consists of a filler, and a different spreading species bituminous resin.Such material is reliably serve at least
    ten years, the main put him in several layers (from three to five), as written in the instructions.The substrate is used as glassine, it perfectly seals the roof of steam generated in the room.
  • Ruberoid cardboard-based refers to the second generation of roll roofing materials.The best example is rubemast.Its main difference from its predecessor is the availability of a larger layer of bitumen on the underside.It is due to this increased flexibility and resistance to cracking during the installation, as a consequence - increased service life of the roof.Application Method can be two: heating, is convenient because it is not necessary to use mastic and plasticization with solvents, they include kerosene or gasoline.
  • bitumen rolled roofing material for the roof.Made of glass and synthetic fibers, which are rot-.The service life of such material from fifteen or more years.
  • bitumen-polymer species.Have an ad hoc basis and do not require a lot of layers in roofing pie, only two or three.The service life is increased about twice compared with the previous materials and is an average of twenty-five years.

most popular in our time, roll roofing reached the third and fourth generation of them and produces the majority of enterprises.The only disadvantage of the product in the absence of a uniform specification and GOST-s, each with their own businesses, they exclusively.

device of roll roofing: video tutorial about installing weldable roofing

soft roll roofing installation is not so complicated.It can produce only two people, but if there is no experience of such work, be sure to look at our video instructions.Use this option on the roofs of the roof is a degree slope from zero to thirty degrees.Assembling, depending on the selected material, may be performed in three ways:
  • using nails or screws, so usually only prepared the basis for the subsequent laying of tiles or something similar;
  • via bitumastic, which plays the role of adhesive best suited for the generation material 1-3, is used in all the layers of roofing "pie";
  • fusing with a burner, so stacked evroruberoid.

is important to know that the smaller the angle of the roof, the more layers you need a bed.The layers should look like this:
  • sheathing;
  • glued or painted, steam;
  • layer of insulation;
  • screed;
  • layer, or rather several layers of roll fusion roofing;
  • special surface powder.