Roofing of Ondulin : photos, reviews and device coatings ;how to perform the installation of a roof of Ondulina their own hands ?

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20 April 2016

roof Ondulin Roofing is one of the most cost options is probably why it is given the highest preference for professional installation teams.The secret material is that the sheets have a strong and convenient way, and, moreover, they can be put, even without such skills or professional work tool.

What is ondulin?This bitumen roofing sheet, it does not create unnecessary burdens on the walls and foundation.Before installation it should prepare the surface by applying a protective material that will not allow mildew or fungi.

Roofing ondulin: reviews, advantages and disadvantages of the coating

Roofing ondulin often causes disputes among installers, as well as among consumers.Some argue that the best material is not possible and find, while others are the fiercest of his foes.Directly connected with this contradictory characteristics, which has ondulin.First, you should find out what it's made.Roof ondulin is a wavy sheet of cellulose impregnated with bitumen composition.Used to impart color to a var
iety of chemical dyes.

standard value of a single sheet is 2 to 0.96 meters, in terms equal to about 1.92 square meters.With a thickness of three millimeters, its weight will be six and a half kilograms.Now back to the characteristics.Let's start with the positive, though not, will conduct a two-way analysis of parameters:

  • aesthetic appearance, nothing wrong with this find will not work;
  • wide choice of colors to create this elegant roof;
  • durability here and start arguing, the manufacturer gives a guarantee to fifteen years, as compared with other materials just minuscule, and experience shows the surface discoloration in 2-3 years;
  • maintaining the temperature drops again a controversial fact, but in ondulin no harmful asbestos, but when heated in the sun, he still emits the smell of bitumen crumble on a cold and the sun "floats";
  • fire safety, material and even got all the certificates of conformity, but the fact that at a temperature of 230-300 degrees Celsius there will be spontaneous combustion, has not been canceled, at what the fire will cause a bunch of smoke and spread across the surface very quickly.

device Ondulina roof of his own hands: the video description technology

should be noted immediately that the roof Ondulin own hands is nothing complicated in itself is not.Sheets quite light, and therefore, they simply get you to the consolidation.And she does not need a special truss massive, enormous strain because she will not have to endure.

Technology Onduline roof is properly calculating the total area of ​​the roof and the largest sheet overlaps.First, we need to organize a crate, which is made of plywood, chipboard or thin boards.As fastening material suitable nails or screws, the second option is preferable because it is more convenient to carry out repairs in the future.Sami subtleties of the process are clearly visible in the roof Ondulin, video instructions showing in detail filmed the whole process from beginning till the end.