Glazing balcony with his hands photo as inexpensive to glaze the balcony Khrushchev in the choice of balcony windows, frameless , plastic and wooden glazing

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19 April 2016

Balcony - is as important a part of the apartment, as well as a living room.It is often used for commercial purposes for food storage, drying or dilution favorite indoor plants.However, for year-round use of the site you need to shut it down flat on the rain, wind and dust.Will this balcony glazing.

Today, construction market customers have at their disposal a variety of types and methods of glazing.Their selection and prices, as well as the characteristics of each method and we'll talk today.

Glazing of balconies with their hands cheaply, types and value of the glazing

There are at least three types of glass that are in varying degrees of popularity among today's consumers.It demanded today warm finish plastic windows, wooden structures and cold through the glazing aluminum profiles.RAMS is also shared and frameless glazing of balconies in the Khrushchev.

wooden balcony glazing is actively used in 80-90 years in the absence of a technological materials.Pick up wood to work should be very careful,

becausetree, especially if it is poorly treated and dried, is rapidly losing its properties, rassyhaetsya and deformed.Ideal are all conifers and oak and ash.Glazing balconies tree is well suited for cold insulation or decorative purposes.

undisputed leader in technologies is the balcony glazing plastic windows.PVC profile during its relatively reasonable price bad protects the apartment from the weather station and effectively retains heat.Balcony PVC windows - this is the perfect option if you want not only to be fenced off from the street, but also useful to use the area as an extension of the hall or kitchen.As part of the glass may have a range of cameras, and more of them, the warmer will be your home.Are balcony plastic windows along with the tide in an average of $ 500-700, depending on the quality of the profile and the number of additional options.

Another good and economical way to separate the balcony from the outside world is a cold glass with aluminum, but more on that, we'll talk some other time.

Frameless glazing of balconies in Khrushchev, the choice of balcony windows, photo

Glazing balconies Khrushchev can also be Rumney and frameless.Frame type of insulation is a classic glazing by installing sliding or hinged flaps along the parapet.The undeniable advantage of this method is to trim its reliability and ease of care.Classical frame provides ideal protection from wind and air tightness, does not cause a feeling of insecurity and discomfort.In addition, this method is economical glazing.

Frameless glazing of balconies looks modern and not blocking your view of the panorama of the street.Due to the absence of racks light easily penetrates inside the room, illuminating and warming people and fill it with items.No less significant advantage of frameless glazing is lightweight construction.In fact, the glazing and the guides are held only by the walls of the balcony and of themselves do not weigh almost nothing.

We use a special safety glass 6 mm thick, which can withstandheavy loads and mechanical damage.Lifetime frameless system under normal operating conditions is about 20 years, which confirms the experience of foreign consumers.Among the shortcomings of this method finishes: the high cost and lack of full insulation.Photo glazed balconies that enveloped haze of transparent glass sheets, can be found in our gallery.

Specific words deserves balcony glazing with the removal.It is difficult enough backfilled structure in which is formed inside the window sill full.From the outside it looks the same side as a sort of polygonal capsule.In most cases, the technology used in the balcony glazing wood due to its cost and ease in terms of fitting to the desired settings, but can be applied and metal and PVC.To do with the removal of glazing, built up on the parapet of the first additional metal structure, then the frame is sheathed with siding and closes glazing.

Balcony glazing plastic windows and wood, photos and reviews, balconies

So, before you the main range of materials and techniques that can be performed using a glazed balcony with her hands.The choice in favor of a particular method should be based finishing first on your personal preferences and ideas about how much it costs to glaze balcony.

If you want to make an inexpensive glass balconies, it is best to choose a cool option or plastic construction.Wood and choose when, only high quality, but then it will be difficult for cheapness speak.For style and good performance of the frameless glazing will also have to pay, and quite a few.Pleasure is worth about $ 150 per 1 sq.m.

Generally speaking about, what better to put a window on a balcony , there is most often the choice falls on the plastic structure due to their good quality and affordable prices.We also recommend that you contact the manufacturers of PVC windows, becauseplastic glazing technology is constantly being improved, providing consumers with exceptional quality.And in terms of external design of the plastic material can be called successful.Manufacturers offer a wide range of colors and textures that can be simulated.PVC profile fit and if you are considering such a question as to glaze the balcony with her hands.

In terms of the nature of the mechanism suggested to choose windows with sliding doors.They effectively save space and stylish look.Installed as such designs are not much more complicated than ordinary swing.

We hope that we helped you solve a thorny question of the choice of material for finishing the balcony.At the conclusion of our review we suggest see pictures of completed projects successfully.

Glazing questions and answers

glazed balcony: how best to glaze a balcony?

Total There are two types of glazing - RAMS and frameless.
Frame insulation - is a classic glazing, which is carried out by setting the flaps around the perimeter of the window parapet.The main reason for the popularity of this method of glazing - easy, reliable and economical, making it possible to glazed balconies with their hands.Conventional frames are able to provide integrity, complete protection from the wind and cold at the same time without causing discomfort.

Frameless Glass - a more modern method to enjoy views of the street.If you glaze a balcony, you have to completely abandon the racks to highlight the room and warm him.One of the main advantages of frameless glazing - lightweight design, as all glazing is held thanks to the balcony walls.
With frameless glass glazing completely covers the surface of the balcony , while not blocking the review of the partitions.

balcony glazing: the warm profile is different from a cold?

choice in favor of a profile should be carried out based on the characteristics of your balcony.If you plan to make it an extension of apartments, where you can read a book, enjoy the scenery or simply arrange the flowers, you should use warm profile.When making such a profile using modern sealants and plastics.As a result, after the balcony glazing temperature there becomes close to ordinary room.

If you just want to protect the loggia from the wind and rain, a little insulated it, use the cold glass and profile made from aluminum.This metal will last for many years and never rust.
The use of aluminum profiles for glazing of windows makes it easier to design.

balcony glazing tree: what are the pros and cons of wooden windows?

main advantage of wooden frames - it is environmentally friendly material.The tree will have no negative impact on the people living in the apartment.Wood is a favorite of designers due to its decorative qualities.Wooden frames can always be painted, varnished, give them a new look.Glazing of balconies tree will also help you save money.

Disadvantages of wooden windows to the balcony - it is an opportunity to change their wood appearance depending on natural factors.To frame is not cracked or damp, have to constantly put on their surface compositions and special varnishes, unlike plastic glazing balcony.
Wooden frames completely environmentally friendly and fit perfectly into the design space.

Frameless Glass: what are the features of a design?

When Frameless Glass does not use frames and racks.This is possible due to the presence of the upper profile, usually made of aluminum.It is attached to the plate a balcony or loggia.Next on the parapet is fixed another user's profile, plays the role of rail.

later installed fencing elements - very strong and thick glass panels.Their movement is due to the upper profile with movable hinges.To easily slip occurs, the line of the fence should strictly follow the shape of the loggia.To this end, the curved sections are set rifts.Joints close colorless glass ribbon.Frameless Glass is often used for everything from the removal of the balcony.

the video look more information about frameless glass

Balcony glazing plastic windows: a producer to choose?

windows are always used for warm glazing of balconies or loggias.But now there are many producers of glass with plastic frames.Not all of them produce the same quality products.

In this case, an excellent choice would be German or other European manufacturers.What is known to all Chinese products, without further ado, and domestic manufacturers, unfortunately, are not capable of delivering an equally stable high quality.German windows, which are considered a benchmark throughout the world, constantly improving technology development, allowing glaze balconies of any complexity.Price for balcony glazing plastic windows, even from the best European brands already available to almost everyone.Works also does not take too much time.Glazing of loggias is usually not much different, except that may be a bit cheaper due to the lack of side windows.
Balcony glazing plastic windows provides an excellent thermal and sound insulation of the room.