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18 April 2016

Balcony because of its relatively small size often remains untapped in the apartment and is converted into a second closet.Meanwhile, it is a small but very useful space can be useful in business as well as for domestic purposes.However, for its year-round use need glazing.

Increasingly on par with the processing performed by plastic loggia balcony glazing aluminum profiles.Aluminium Carpentry opening is also called cold because they do not bear the functions of warming the room, but more talk about it further.

Aluminium balconies photo, the choice of aluminum balcony frames

Balcony glazing aluminum profiles - an inexpensive and generally easy way to ennoble his apartment.The windows of this material have many advantages, among which:
  1. Lightweight .The metal itself is virtually no weight, and therefore the entire structure has a relatively small load on the walls of the balconies.Due to such properties of aluminum windows to the balcony can be installed even in
    old apartments.
  2. Easy maintenance and operation .Modern profiles already in production are treated with special mixtures, by which the surface effectively repels dirt.Therefore, careful care of the metal frame is not required.Wipe clean with design elements and wash the glass just once a year.
  3. High reliability design .What could be stronger than metal?Aluminium balcony frames firmly withstand all loads are not deformed as a result of temperature changes and humidity air, and for a long time serve.Under normal conditions the life of the windows of this profile can be 40-50 years.
  4. good level of tightness .Modern technologies allow to produce high-quality design with a high level of integrity.Thanks to this new-fangled metal frames are not inferior in quality proven PVC profiles.This is confirmed by the testimonials of people their glazed balconies with aluminum.
  5. Aesthetics .Finally, aluminum windows on the balcony - it's just beautiful.They complement the style of hi-tech, emphasizing austerity and minimalist design of the room, leaving behind its limits.

The only significant disadvantage of this glazing system, and it is predictive ofthe name of the method finishes, is the tendency to freezing.Cold glass out and cold in the winter, it does not protect fully against frost, providing increasing indoor temperature only 7-10 degrees.Metal freezes easily and just as easily conducts heat through itself, letting the room air out.But if your goal is not warming the balcony, then this method of glazing fits perfectly.

balconies made of aluminum, sliding frame, and reviews of the owners

Windows, used in the treatment of balconies, can be hinged and sliding classic.Obviously, the sliding balcony frames of aluminum are preferred in repair balconies becausethey take up less storage space and give the owner of the apartment more space.

Compared to PVC, aluminum windows, balconies costing their owners significantly cheaper.On average, the cost is 1.5 times less than plastic systems, which significantly saves the family budget.Outwardly metal frames look no worse than plastic, and sometimes even more respectable and austere.Photos of balconies made of aluminum you can see in our gallery.

course, compared to the windows of PVC profile of the structures with aluminum frames of conversations heard not so much.Meanwhile, aluminum glass balconies, reviews which are generally positive, will always occupy a leading position in the construction industry.

FAQ for balcony glazing aluminum

aluminum Glazing of balconies - how to save?

if needed to protect your apartment from the snow in the winter, a sharp wind and street dust, the balcony frame is made of aluminum - one of the best options.And to save the installation, you should know a few nuances.Firstly, the smaller the angle and the bends in the design of the aluminum profile, so it will be cheaper.Secondly, it is possible to carry out an independent delivery and removal of old frames.Thirdly, the smaller wings and other accessories, the cheaper will be the repair.
Economic version of the balcony glazing is a sliding aluminum window systems with a minimum of accessories.

Aluminium balconies: is it possible to glaze a large area?

course, glazing technology exists that allows to reliably protect a large area, even an irregular shape.Cold glazing is ideal for quiet sleeping areas, as it covers the sound is not full, and from rain, snow, dust, and, most importantly, I can - perfectly flat and protect the family.Also, remember that a balcony is not warm, do not store it in cold vegetables, since it is possible freezing.In addition, the cost of such services in times cheaper than similar installation of PVC windows.We also recommend choosing aluminum balconies those who have not yet decided on the design of premises - alteration will cost inexpensive, and works will be carried out for long.
Glazing of loggias aluminum profiles in a large city , in residential areas - the best budget option.

How long will the installation of aluminum windows on the balcony?

Usually the entire installation of aluminum windows takes three to six hours.However, it should take into account the specifics of individual orders.The rate of work influence:

  • need for the dismantling of old frames - in order to save time and money you can make yourself.But this procedure is extremely dangerous for the inexperienced and physically weak people - the frame and can weigh a lot by careless disassembly fall down - on the street;
  • if you want to cook a variety of additional supports for the new windows should be added to work a few more hours.

Installation of aluminum windows for apartments experienced Matera hold within one working day , but some of the work can be divided into a few days , if needed.

Windows of aluminum: talk about security

Undoubtedly, windows of aluminum profile are considered one of the most environmentally friendly option glazing balconies.Such balcony system, unlike wooden analogs do not burn, but unlike PVC windows do not secrete any harmful substances in the environment during prolonged exploitation or outdoor summer heat.Aluminum windows coated with paint safe for humans, which does not burn and does not emit vapors at ambient temperature changes.They are set even in institutions.
Secure sliding or hinged windows of aluminum profile - the best option for families with small children or pets .

Because of that broken aluminum balcony frames?

When do you finish the balcony, mechanical damage can occur frames.But the most common reasons why aluminum balcony frames cracks begin to form - is the wrong installation of your hand or natural changes in the design of the house, for example, the shrinkage.If there was a gap, do not hesitate - the wizard will be able to quickly eliminate most of the problems: to adjust the flaps to change accessories and seal.If necessary, they will align the opening, unless it is contrary to the rules of operation and does not reduce the strength of the structure.
Breakdown aluminum balcony frames are usually caused by incorrect installation - a challenge to master , in most cases easy to solve any such problems.

Aluminium sliding windows: how reliable are they?

Today the market of construction technology offers high-quality aluminum sliding window.The peculiarity of these systems is the ease of use.This is the best choice for the Soviet tiny balconies.Swing system take up a lot of space activities and often stain clothes, which many housewives prefer to dry on the balcony, in addition, they are more expensive.Sliding windows better - they have special sluice openings through which flows all the moisture that enters into the frame.This window does not slam draft and there is no danger to break the glass, carelessly closed shutters.
Contemporary sliding door systems made ​​of aluminum profile easily solve the problem of small balconies and loggias of different forms .