Balcony frame of aluminum, plastic (PVC ) , wood, choose the best frame on the balcony , sliding balcony frames

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17 April 2016

Precipitation, dirt from neighboring floors, dust and wind - all this gives a lot of inconvenience to the owners of the apartments, which feature a balcony.More recently, to solve this problem was virtually impossible because of the high cost of glass, but today the situation has changed.Modern balcony frames are available in any shape and color.In addition, their installation is a snap.

But today we do not talk about installing the glass, but the profile is selected.The market window materials are available to the consumer of aluminum, wood and - sales leader - plastic profile.

Aluminium balcony frames, installation of balcony frames aluminum

Aluminium balcony frames used mainly in the so-called cold-glazing.This is the easiest and most economical method of finishing a small space.Average cost of construction of light metal is about $ 150 per square.m.

special demand sliding balcony frames of aluminum.They provide the necessary space, providing the desired comfort.The erg

onomic design is practically does not take place, and the thin cover is well out the sun.

important advantage of the aluminum profile is its light weight in comparison with PVC windows, for example.This means that the balcony frames , made from it is not loaded and does not deform the metal frame fence.On this basis, a lightweight profile is suitable for installation in older homes with dilapidated balconies.

Nevertheless, aluminum builds are not as popular as plastic balcony frames.Plastic has established itself as the available material, effectively retaining heat in winter and not giving the room cool in the summer.And although the price of PVC windows more than metal products (about $ 200 per sq. M), their demand will still be at the peak.

Plastic and wooden frames on the balcony sliding design

what feature classic and sliding balcony frames from PVC?Peremptory advantage of the plastic profile is its malleability.This material can be a frame of any shape and size, fit under any opening.PVC does not react to sunlight and UV light, and are not afraid of the cold, rain and snow.It is easy to clean and does not deform during the entire period of operation.He was not afraid, even acid rain.Average life

balcony frames made of plastic is 15 years, but with proper installation it can take up to 20-30 years.This PVC profile is not necessary to constantly tint and process antiseptic materials.

And what wooden frames for the balcony?They are still used in apartment buildings and private homes, but with falling prices for aluminum and plastic counterparts, their popularity declined.By the way, for the pleasure of being close to nature today will have to pay about $ 350 per square.m. Good quality have frames made of wood balcony , which served as raw material for pine, larch and oak.Designs from cheaper species do not recommend to buy, becausethey quickly lose their insulating properties and appearance.