Glazing of loggias plastic windows (PVC ) , as well as better loggia glazing , sliding and frameless glazing

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16 April 2016

favorite Make home warmer and cozier, you can not only by repairing the apartment, but also through the glazing loggia.A small area of ​​the apartment through the window of the room plays an important role in the conservation of thermal energy, giving owners of apartments desired comfort and significant savings in the family budget.

loggias Glazing wood or other materials useful from a practical point of view.Glazed space can then be used as a separate office or a small greenhouse.There are many options, the main thing - to choose the right profile and well-glaze opening.

glazed loggias PVC plastic windows, plastic window, select

One of the most common ways to trim an open area of ​​the apartment is loggia glazing plastic windows .PVC window profile consists of plastic and glass, which can carry one to five cameras.As a rule, plastic windows are used for so-called warm glazing.Select the number of cameras depends on the desired level of glass heat capacity of the new premises.

Advantages of PVC glazing loggias:

  • ease of installation, glaze loggia alone can people even with little construction experience;
  • strength and durability;
  • 100% tightness, which provides a perfect sound insulation and efficient heat retention in the house;
  • opportunity to fit any size and shape of the window;
  • fair value of the windowing system (about $ 500 per 1 sq. M.);
  • unpretentious care, plastic windows the loggia does not require painting or complex care, it is enough to wipe periodically and accessories - lubricated once every few months.


  • rapid wear due to improper installation;
  • provoking the greenhouse effect, often on plastic windows condensation, and in the indoor humidity level increases;
  • on the plastic can not be repaired scratches and damage, it can only be changed;
  • Electrostatic PVC windows.

But even with these disadvantages of plastic window systems today have little or no competition, and by a PVC glazing constructions is one of the most convenient and fast procedures.

better glaze loggia?Wooden, sliding and frameless glazing

addition to plastic glazing isolated as sliding balconies, wooden and frameless installation.All these methods of finishing the loggia in his own good, but are used less frequently due to various circumstances.Nevertheless, each of the methods of filling the window opening is worthy of your attention.

Wooden profile looks noble and reliable, but in a typical apartment set is rarely because of its high cost.They are 1.5-2 times more expensive than plastic, which can be explained naturally occurring raw materials, good performance of heat and sound insulation, and often exclusive design.But be that as it may, to the loggia glazing wood, experts recommend the use of laminated veneer lumber softwood, which practically does not react to temperature changes and is not afraid of moisture.This type of glazing is well suited for private houses and apartments, executed in classic style.Use the tree in the "cold" glazing inappropriate.

But fashion frameless glazing of loggias - a stylish and at the same time user-friendly version of the cold fill the space between the adjacent balcony and parapet.The peculiarity of this glass is the absence of vertical struts, and thus a perfect view and good light transmission.Among other things, glazing of balconies and loggias frameless type almost always has a sliding principle and therefore does not take place in a limited area.This type of glazing is suitable for apartments, whose windows are located on the west side.

In a separate group can be identified sliding windows to the loggia.This is ideal for outdoor areas such as Khrushchev, within which are difficult or impossible to install a classic swing design.Sliding windows may be made of any material, including plastic, and are suitable for cold and for hot finishing.Photo glazed loggias you can see in our gallery.