Choose a plastic window sills plastic window sills PVC window sills install their own hands , installation , replacement and fastening methods

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15 April 2016

Building technologies are constantly evolving, offering consumers more and more new and advanced products for arranging a cozy home.Even as home accessories as a window sill, it is constantly being improved.Currently, manufacturers are not only limited to the manufacture of stone or wood samples, the arena went out in the light and durable plastic models.

Modern window sills plastic windows pleasing low price, wide range of colors and, most importantly easy installation.It is this still a rarity in our homes and talk on.

Sills plastic for plastic windows, the correct height from the floor sill

Overall sill, from whatever material it may be made, performs one function: it protects the room from getting into the water, cold air, as well asIt reduces the heat loss of the building.More recently, we could not imagine anything other than stone and wooden structures, but today the installation of window sills PVC became commonplace and no longer causes a puzzled look.

demand for such a service, as the replacement window sills of obsolete materialsplastic counterparts, enjoyed a resounding success, and for good reason.Console made of PVC has many advantages, among which:

  • ease of installation and simplicity of care, which can be determined by examining the theory on how to install a window sill;
  • resistance to sunlight and durability;
  • high quality insulating material;
  • watertight;
  • ecological purity of the material.

Pleases also acceptable price for PVC slats used for the construction of sills, rich colors of products, as well as its attractive appearance.In addition, most modern plastic panels covered with a special protective film that prevents the formation of scratches and preserve the pristine purity coating color for many years.Deficiencies in plastic there is little, because it is durable and flexible material, which is not afraid of external influence.

find the perfect bar to size PVC window sills easy, because commercially available reference materials that are easily adjusted on the spot.Panel width varies on the average from 100 to 600 mm, length basis varies in the range from 2000 to 6000 mm, and the thickness of the sheet is typically less than 20 mm.The optimum height of the window sill from the floor - 750-900 mm.

Installing PVC window sills with their hands, a video installation and mounting

Install window sill with his hands - is a simple, but important event that requires care.Before starting work, be sure to check with the reference materials.In particular, the intricacies of the construction process will help you understand our video installation window sill.That suggests that the master.

First remove measurements from the site, which will subsequently be installed plastic strap.The width of the console must be measured so that its free part protruding above the wall by about 80-100 mm.Calculating the width of the structure is also important to take into account the length of mounting on the sill.PVC sheet will go under the window frame by approximately 20-50 mm, it is necessary to establish the project.

Determine the length.Internal length design must match the width of the window opening.On the external side of the sill can be made a little more, because it will block the slopes and make the transition from the window to the wall smooth.Permitted allowances - 50-100 mm on each side.

now shifting our calculations on a plastic strip and cut the curve.Cutting comfortably grinder, jigsaw or hand circular saw.If necessary, insert the front panel in front of bending do construction blade groove where insert the judges.Fasten the front.

ready to start installing plastic window sills.Try the prepared bar to the window and align it to the level.If necessary, placed under the sheet of PVC plastic or wooden lining.

Remove the protective film from the panel and customize it completely to the size of the opening, once again closely aligned.If a window already prepared a special attachment, simply snap the bar in them.If not, then the frame, freed from the glass, make a few through-holes into which screw bolts.They provide a perfect joint.

last point instructions on how to install a window sill PVC is sealed.Under the new sill and the bottom of the window opening is often formed cavity where once stood an old frame.To the winter because it is not under the barrel fill this area with foam.During the drying of the solution put in the window a couple of heavy flower pots, they will prevent the deformation of the structure.

lesson on "How to install a plastic windowsill" is over.Good luck to you repair!

Sills questions and answers

PVC windowsill: why such a high demand

plastic window constructions have become part of our modern life.It's safe to say that the production technology of plastic products are constantly being developed and improved.It is on this basis, manufacturers give the opportunity to choose more high-quality products that are ideal for everything home.

note that such an accessory as PVC windowsill constantly improved.If you are thinking how to replace the window sill, you will find not only wood and marble patterns, but also the variety of durable and aesthetic views of the sills of plastic.Almost all of them are able to please the buyer a relatively low price.Such models are widely used and because of the richness of colors, and it plays an important role in the selection.Also, the plastic model has a noticeable ease and speed of installation.
Excellent quality plastic sill brown.It goes well with the material of the plastic window .

How to install a plastic windowsill with his hands

Installation of plastic window sills - it's not the easiest, but it is not required, and no special knowledge.The only thing that you need - this is a certain care in carrying out the installation.To install was as it should be, to begin to remove measurements from the area where the product is installed.Remember that the width of the console, or rather its free part, should act before the wall by about 100 millimeters.

When calculating the width of the window sill, be sure to take into account the length of which will be necessary for mounting.Note that PVC sheet will go under the window frame already installed.The distance at which the sill comes equal to the thickness of the frame and between about 30-50 millimeters.

So as to strengthen the windowsill?Just install the finished product into place and fasten using the screwdriver attachment underneath, as shown in the figure.
Installing plastic window sill and align it to the level.Fixing takes place with special screws to the wall of the building .

How to make installation of PVC window sills?

Sill often subjected to high mechanical stress and constant sunlight, temperature and other factors.At the same time, we all tend to rely on the windowsills, they have flowers and trinkets, and children and animals use them as a place to sit.That is why, installation of PVC window sills must be qualitative.

If the owner wishes to obtain durable windowsill enough to "put" the trim on the glue or mounting foam.The sill is placed on a firm, "shelf", which is either provided design windows in the apartment, or created from scratch.Next, the base layer is applied to the foam.Also under construction is necessary to lay a solid metal mounting strips.Leaving such strips to be connected with the bottom plugs.This engineering solution will greatly increase the strength of the sill, protect it from deformation and helps to better withstand mechanical stress.

Specialists make installation of the finished surface of the new plastic window sills .This work requires special attention and responsibility.

mount to the plastic window sill

When the installation window is made, you must go to the mount of the sill.Fixing to the plastic window sill it can be accomplished in several ways.One of the most common - is the installation using a special adhesive.As shown in the video, a great hardware as "liquid nails".In some cases, a mortar, as well as high-quality foam.Remember that before the mounting, be sure to clean and smooth the surface of the window opening, which is actually attached to the windowsill.And do not forget about the additional fasteners to the wall, if your window sill extends beyond the window of the connector.

Replacement sill

Every landlord knows that one of the essential parts of any of the window is the window-sill.Since most of the sill is exposed to various mechanical damage, it is he can fail and require replacement.Of course, the quality of installation allows multiple parts to increase its life, but this is not always the case.

replacement window sill, in most cases, a very simple matter.It consists of two steps: the dismantling of the failed product and installing in its place a new one.In principle, any difficulties do not arise in this case.The main thing is the accuracy at each stage.In addition, after the replacement is usually necessary to do some painting and plastering work to restore the original appearance of the window opening.
There's an easier way to give your window "second life": quality polishing old windowsill.It is performed when the window sill is not mechanically damaged.
Master had all the necessary steps for replacement of the sill and trying new in the appropriate place .

sill height from the floor: it should be

As practice shows, many experts believe that the installation of window sills should be carried out strictly on a certain height.This is due to the fact that so respected customary rules adopted in construction.In reality, however, such strict standards in the field of construction simply do not exist, and therefore any landlord has the opportunity to install a window sill at any height, which is convenient to him.

On the other hand, the traditional height also makes sense, as it provides adequate security with the windows open.And experience shows that such a convenient height.So, for ordinary living rooms sill height from the floor should be about 70 centimeters, and should not exceed a height of 100 centimeters.Thus, in addition to improving the security access of sunlight into the room, as well as an opportunity for a comfortable installation of the equipment of the heating system.
Choose an optimum height of the window sill from the floor.Excellent mounted radiator for heating , as well as , not what prevents sunlight .