The minimum roof pitch corrugated steel sheeting , metal and sandwich panels : how to calculate the slope of the roof as a percentage ?

By Admin | Building
19 April 2016

If you think that the slope of the roof is not particularly important and can be done otvolno, you are greatly mistaken.To calculate there is a whole system, and the final amount depends on the type of material from which the roof is done and climate of the region where it is installed.The second aspect is important at the registration of wind loads and possible precipitation in some areas.The northern regions is important for the strength of the roof, it will provide exposure of the load snowy masses, but often observed in the southern heavy rains, therefore, it is necessary to keep the water flowed as quickly as possible.Otherwise, it will fall into the joints between the sheets of the roof, and that end leakage.

slope flat roof, pent, soft: how to calculate the minimum angle of inclination?

Pent roof reliably protects the room from the rain and wind only if the roof slope calculation was made correctly.Essentially this will affect the duration of the life of the material, and therefore the freque
ncy of repairs.In any case it is better once everything is correct count, and to do it should be more in the design phase of the building.Note that the smaller the angle of pent roof, the higher will be the cost of construction materials needed for its construction.

minimum roof pitch of corrugated board can be ten degrees for premises and eight industrial.The truth in these terms necessarily require additional waterproofing and increased space for ventilation.

In the case of pent roof, the optimum angle can be 5-20 degrees in the index.This difference is due to the climate of the region and the appointment of the room.For instance, in the construction of terraces angle is minimal, but in winter the roof will have to be periodically cleaned from the snow stuck.

can be concluded that the high roof to better drain water and other precipitation, but if on the ground periodically come in strong winds, it can be easily damaged by one day.

minimum roof pitch of metal: how to determine the angle of the sloping roof?

If the choice fell on the metal roofing material, then before you calculate the angle of the roof, it should be noted that it must be not only aesthetic, but also practical.It will depend on its overall performance, cost and durability.

how to calculate the slope of the roof, which is the distance between the rafters and the plane of the ceiling?The formula for this is as follows: i = h: 1 \ 2l.The first value of the fraction is the height of the ridge above the floor, and the second - the width of the building.Most importantly, its use in the calculation of the slope of the roof of the sandwich panels.This material is not as flexible as the others in the use, and therefore requires a special approach.

What good is greater bias:

  • raindrops practically can not get into the joints;
  • at angles of more than forty-five degrees, the snow load may not be taken into account;
  • will be able to arrange an attic or a spacious loft, regular geometric shape.Negative

his part:

  • not use the minimum amount of nails or screws due to high loads;
  • high windage;
  • inconvenience to organize sanitation, the greater the angle of the roof, the faster the water goes through it, and therefore can not keep up with discharged through vertical plum.