Roof Roof: video and photos, modern types of coatings;

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16 April 2016

main functions of the roof of the roof structure - it is protection from any rain and adverse natural phenomena, as well as the maintenance of certain internal thermal regime.In addition, the roof is paid great attention to the design, as their unusual form can serve as a decorative element, and decoration of the house.Selecting the type of roofing materials for the roof depends on its slope.Flat roofs - the most simple, they have a slope two or three percent.Another type - pitched, they are satisfied with a slope of not less than ten percent.Intermediate options are malouklonnye and pologoskatnye roof.

Beautiful roof Roof: photo examples of the best roofing materials and coatings

The market has a lot of material for the roof of roofs, both classical and modern.The main types of coatings can be divided into rolled, piece and sheet, liquid, membrane and sprayed, hard or soft.

main requirement for the flat roof is the absolute tightness of the coating.It applies soft roofing materi

al for the roof.This may be a plastic membrane, surfaced roll roofing, asphalt or polymer sealant.All of these materials have sufficient water resistance, elasticity, solidity with proper stacking technology.

Shingles is suitable for sloped roof of a soft roof, photo shows the variety of architectural forms and colors.This material is very flexible, so the tile can be mounted on any curved surface, giving the roof an intricate look.It does not corrode, does not make noise when the rain does not rust, but fades in the sun and has a high flammability.

Metal tile roof mounted on the roof with a slope of more than 15%.Its polymer coating both protects and performs a decorative function.The sheets are quickly mounted a rare crate.They are lightweight, resistant to mechanical stress.But the bad noise isolation is their major shortcoming.

traditional asbestos slate attracted consumers to its low cost.But despite its strength characteristics, it is fragile.In addition, unattractive and hazardous asbestos do not play in favor of the slate sheets.Bituminous slate easy to use, has a low weight and a variety of shades, but over time it fades in and can be deformed under the influence of the sun.

very popular metal roof to roof, how to choose the right coating of their diversity?There are corrugated, steel, and copper and aluminum sheets.Their advantages are durability, strength, speed and ease of installation.

From natural materials for the device roofs roof may be mentioned ceramic tile, slate, wood, turf, straw and many others.All of them are harmless, but not all are suitable for housing.

Roof roof with his hands: a video of the installation of modern roofing materials

Technology laying roof roofs with their own hands, the video shows one of the options depends on the roofing material.The highlight of the installation is a device covering the roof of the pie, which consists of a vapor barrier, a sufficient layer of insulation and waterproofing.

coating can be placed directly on the prepared foundation on lath rafter frame or leveling plates.The roofing material is secured in different ways: on the glue or paste special glue, sprayed, poured, mounted with screws or lock.Each type has its own coating method device roof roofs.