Types of foundations for buildings

By Admin | Building
14 April 2016

Creating a home begins with the foundation - its value varies from 15 to 20% of the total wastage in the erection of the building.And then it's better business to professionals.After all, if corrective work is the number soars dramatically to 30-40%.In this case, even a miser pays twice, but three times.

foundations are divided into several types: columnar, strip, pile, slab, band-columnar.Depending on the soil type and distinguish melkozaglublennye recessed installation.One set above its freezing, others - less.Melkozaglublennye fit only for the heaving of soils.In addition, the structure of the project and finding groundwater largely determines the approach to the creation of the building.

most wanted


suitable for all projects considered to strip foundations.And private housing, and residential high-rise building - for many types of buildings prefer it.It differs massive and lots of materials.But thanks to the simplicity of the process, he is in great demand.

on stilts


also popular construction of pile foundations.As a part of - pile and raft foundation uniting them.The ground pressure is distributed equally to the building through the bars.Piles sink into the ground like a specific angle or vertically.Sometimes builders made them directly in the ground.The basis for the piles are choosing different materials: wood, metal, concrete.

For special soil

slab foundation is good for the unstable soil.Sand pillows, peatlands, distending much - this approach is entirely justified.This foundation is in the form of whole concrete slab, which occupies the entire area of ​​the base.First, do the layout area and then dig a pit.Stove is a basement floor.

first floor basement doing steady, and then placed compacted sand cushion.Poured concrete floor, placed on top of the reinforced structure, it all poured concrete.Builders are waiting until the material hardens, and taken to erect a wall of floor.After the ground and first level of the building is built, pit buried.But before that you need to take care of waterproofing.


For simple wooden frame structures and foundations suitable columnar type.It is similar to letochno-columnar.But it is not used grillage.Poles are placed at the corners, the intersection points of walls, under the piers.The distance between them - from 1.5 to 2 meters.