Duplex ceilings and plasterboard construction : Photo multilevel ceilings , how to make a beautiful design bunk ceiling

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26 April 2016

Ceiling systems and structures now occupy a leading position in qualitative repair of houses and apartments.More and more people want to see is them at home, and the requirements are no longer limited to simple single-level tension or gypsum coatings.Now in vogue duplex ceilings and intricate plaster design.They are able not only to decorate any interior, but also perfect to delineate the space to create a volume in the room to give a fresh look throughout the environment.

Multilevel ceilings of plasterboard: Photo of beautiful two-story designs are traditional

duplex plasterboard ceilings .They replaced the conventional coating and immediately became one of the trends during different kinds of repairs.It is particularly important that their installation is completely independent from the base of the ceiling, as after the completion of turns made smooth, perfectly proportioned surface.

Consider , how to make a multilevel ceiling plasterboard . By simple manipulations wit

h a metal frame and plasterboard is fixed on him, we can get a multi-level surface as a strict classical lines and a bizarre irregular shape, passing the most accurate ideas of the designer.

Flexibility drywall as a building material - is the basis of his popularity.Despite its fragility, the plate when mounting the two-level ceiling of plasterboard can be given a completely uncharacteristic her form as ovals, arches, curves and curls.

only the system provides the opportunity to get a two-tiered ceiling with lighting or flush type so popular at the moment.After the manipulation of light and color, and all sorts of lighting solutions are at the moment one of the main grooves in the design of the room.

Multilevel ceilings with their hands to make a snap.First you need to make a sketch on paper, then carefully move it to the base ceiling.According painted lines to mount the necessary supporting framework, and then to sheathe his plasterboard.

In places rounding nevlagostoyky used drywall, which is great oppression and holds its shape with a little water to moisten special roller.It remains only to cover it with decorative cover and install the basic and additional lighting.

multi-level ceilings, classic design and photo printing, assembling

on multi-level ceilings, photo which adorn our site , there is special demand.After all, unlike other ceiling systems the data structure does not require lengthy and costly installation.

Stretch ceilings Bunk also require training base surface.They perfectly hide all the defects of the old coating does not require additional staining or time-consuming processing.PVC film, you can order any color and texture.There are many design options to transferring the patterns on the film, as many paintings and even your own pictures.

for tension structures are also no limits on foreign execution.Whether you choose the classic clear outline or complex patterns, everything depends on personal preferences.Constraints on design performance, as well as with plasterboard, no.Lighting devices and sophisticated lighting equipment easily installed in the suspended ceiling.With particular convenience is not only possible to play with the color, but also to the materials used.

tensioning systems cost a little more than the price of similar cardboard-gypsum structures, but you save time in the installation of multi-level ceilings and full confidence in the final result, as the nasty surprises as when working with brittle plasterboard, virtually none.

If we consider the question of whether, how to make a two-level ceiling, the mount enough to properly secure the guide frame and simply pull on the tape or a cloth.His device will not bring you the extra hassle in terms of dust and noise.After a few hours you will already enjoy the design of the ceiling, decorated according to the latest fashion trends of the modern building.