Replacing the wiring in the apartment: video tutorial on how to change the wiring in the apartment prefabricated house with his own hands

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14 April 2016

extremely important to have proper and safe wiring in an apartment or private home ownership.Faulty electrical network is often the cause of fires and accidents.Therefore, after twenty or thirty years we have to make at least partial replacement of wires or cables.Every year in the apartment appear more powerful appliances.It is becoming urgent replacement of wiring in the Khrushchev and old houses.At the time, nobody thought that once the total electricity demand will rise so much that the wiring will cease to cope with the load.

Why replacing the wiring in an apartment than a dangerous old wiring

reasons for the replacement of wiring, in fact, a lot.Rosette sparks and melted, it can simply be heated or faults.And what do you do when the wire broke off directly at it, or about to enter a junction box or near the chandelier?Of course, you should consider replacing the old wiring in the apartment, most likely, this is the problem.

Operation of any engineering netw

orks, including electrical leads to the fact thatwith the "age" of wiring is changing and comes into disrepair.Over time, the switched outlets and wires "aging" of their service life expires.Moreover, in modern homes and appears as a new energy-intensive equipment, the old wiring simply does not stand and begins to "melt".Therefore, starting the repair in any apartment should think not about the partial replacement of electrical wiring in the apartment, but the full.

old insulation is laid bare, it cracks, loose wire ends properties, burn and break off - all this leads to the fact that the time comes to change the wiring in the apartment.Besides, the old aluminum wiring harness can not withstand the load of modern household appliances.Begins to beat traffic jams, with the sparkle outlet, and occasionally flashing light, simultaneous washing leads to the fact that it is impossible to watch TV or cook a meal in an electric oven - all this suggests that it is time to replace the wiring in the apartment.

most common wiring change when redevelopment home or when switching from one or three-wire and five-wire wiring, and replace worn when doing wiring and malfunctions.

Replacing the wiring in the panel house with his own hands, or Khrushchev: instructional video

After the decision to replace the wiring in the panel house, a brick, you must determine the type of cable.The priority, of course, rests with the copper wire.Its performance is much higher than the aluminum equivalent.Although it is subject to oxidation, but this can be avoided by covering the ends of the solder layer.Required conductor cross-section is taken into account.
Simply there is a replacement of wiring in the apartment an open, because the hidden wiring spent a lot more time and effort.Facilitates the process of replacing the fact that in the open laying is easier to replace the wiring in the apartment, the video in this article shows the gradual replacement of the power supply.

After dismantling the old wiring, proceed to the marking of new power grids.Outlines the new outlet, because the old does not meet the requirements of owners and switches, more convenient to use.Their position should be comfortable.To post you can use the old Grooves in the wall, but additionally make new ones - would be a good option.

Connect the wires in the junction box.To avoid sparking contacts, copper conductors with aluminum is recommended only join a special adapter.This will prevent overheating and other undesirable effects.

After installing the replacement of wiring is recommended to check it on the insulation and efficiency of the entire network.This can help the tester, or the phase indicator.Closing the channel finish plaster solution step of replacing wiring.

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What are the key steps to consider when replacing wiring your own hands?

wiring in an apartment with his hands is performed according to the rules, which are regulated by state standards and fire regulations:

  • Sockets counters dividing boxes for ease of maintenance are installed in easily accessible places.
  • switches are mounted at a height of 900 mm from the floor.
  • In bathrooms only allowed special waterproof socket.
  • ergonomic height accommodation outlets 300 mm from the floor.
  • not install socket closer than 500 mm from the pipeline and metal elements: batteries, pipes, sinks and so forth.
  • for every 6 m2 - 1 plug in the kitchen at least 3.
  • If the planned complete replacement wiring cable is laidby vertical and horizontal lines should be drawn diagram.Horizontal - 200 mm from the ceiling, skirting boards, beams, vertical - 100 mm from the junction of walls, windows, doors.In bathrooms
  • recommended concealed wiring or open using a cable.

Are there any particular difficulties and the replacement of wiring in the panel house?

Replacing the wiring in the panel house with his own hands is associated with certain difficulties.The main limitation - Stroebe ceiling and bearing walls is strictly forbidden!

new wiring in the apartment panel houses should be set up in the old Grooves and voids in the ceiling, in the video, these features are well displayed.If for some reason it is impossible or requires post sockets and switches by the new scheme, the wiring is carried out over the wall and then sewn sheets of plasterboard or other. Material.Of course, this will reduce the size of the apartment, if your solution is not suitable, we can only open wiring.

When installing sheathing applied distribution and installation of the box intended for hollow walls.

How to calculate the wire size when changing the wiring?

Due to the increasing number of electrical appliances in order to avoid accidents in the electric system, wiring needs to be replaced.It is important to choose the correct wire size.The apartments maximum current during heavy ≈ 25 amperes, according to the regulations of the SAE-section of copper conductor:

  • sockets for cable diameter of 2.5 mm2 cross-section, respectively, 5 mm2, 25 A, 5.9 kW.
  • for lighting can be used with a diameter of 1.8 mm2 conductor cross-section of 2.5 mm2.
  • for electric stoves and ovens - core diameter of 4.5 mm2 cross-section - 16 mm2, 38 A.

aluminum wiring is considerably inferior to copper for the duration of allowable loads.For example, for aluminum conductors with a diameter of 2.5 mm2 maximum load of 4.4 kW, which corresponds to 20 A.

Replacing wiring should be carried out not only on the basis of the calculation of power and material manufacturing core, so it is necessary to take into account the cable length, number of cores, the methodgaskets, type of insulation.Conductor cross-sections for posting

How much wires and consumables, if you want to replace the wiring in the Khrushchev?

To calculate the need to make a drawing, showing the places where are located: switches, sockets, lamps, TV, dishwasher, boiler, etc.

For example, we need to harness Khrushchev, 2 Bedrooms.We believe many will separate lines:

  • plate;
  • washing machine;
  • outlet in the kitchen - 2 lines, one - in the room 1 and 2;
  • light;
  • water heater - 1.

turns 8 power lines.We believe yardage wires:

  • plate ≈ 20 m VVG - 3h4mm2;
  • sockets ≈ 100 m VVG- 3h2,5 mm2;
  • coverage ≈ 100 m VVG - 3x1.5 mm2.

8 = 8 separate groups of machines:

  • light - 16 A;
  • plate - 32 A;
  • water heater - 16 A;
  • sockets - 25 A.

Also: introductory two-pole machine - 50 A, RCD General - 63A, 30 mA - leakage current.You can set the RCD in groups or differential automata, but the price will be higher.

consumables: Enclosures, screws, dowels, electric raspayanye boxes, corrugated pipe, if the wires are sewn plasterboard, plaster - 20 kg, electrical tape.Diagram of the wiring in the Khrushchev

How much is change the wiring in the apartment?

repair and complete replacement of electrical wiring is better to order from the experts.If you take an average, the price of the service depends on the area floor apartment - $ 12 per m2, so if the apartment is 50 m2, the replacement of wiring will rise in the amount equivalent to $ 600.However, this amount does not include the replacement of sockets, which will cost $ 3-4 per piece, chandelier - $ 13, work without consumables.

Approximately the same room as replacing wiring costs $ 120, the same in the kitchen, in the bathroom - $ 80-90, in the hallway - $ 100.And in addition to pay for shtroblenie walls of brick 3 $ m / n, concrete $ 3.2 m / n, to run a cable channel - $ 1.5 m / n.

If you have decided on their own to change the wiring in the apartment, only to have to spend on materials, 2-apartments will komnotnoy $ 150-200, depending on the quality of the material.Hidden wiring in the apartment