How to choose a washbasin mixer : variety, modern models and installation of the mixer on the wash basin with their hands

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
13 April 2016

During the day, we often go to the bathroom.Morning and evening water treatment, washing of hands before eating, brushing teeth, and all that is needed for a wash basin with mixer.In today's lexicon, "wash basin" - a sink installed in the bathroom.But even in the middle of the last century, the word referred to as "the device is supplied water for washing" - ie,in our understanding - the mixer.

As it often happens, there was a certain transformation, which resulted in the sink in the kitchen was the sink and the sink in the bathroom - a washbasin.Quite often used a bathtub faucet and sink.The main reason - the modest size of many bathrooms.In addition, installation of the mixer is cheaper and given space which is compact during operation.

Proximity (touch) washbasin mixer, single lever, the elbow, the wall, "waterfall"

Classic mixer appeared not so long ago.By the way, the inventor of the bathtub faucet and sink - the famous British physicist Lord Kelvin.Active use of gate valves for temperature c
ontrol and water pressure began in the 30s of the 20th century.Since then, a lot of different designs.In the middle of the last century it was invented lever (elbow) ball mixer.Due to some difficulties in manufacturing, mass production began only a couple of decades, when the modern machining centers with high precision metalworking.

Some time passed, and there were still more advanced non-contact washbasin.They not only provide convenience to manage, but also led to reduce water consumption by almost a third.This makes them all the more popular despite their relatively high cost.Zealous owners install expensive, but cost-effective equipment, which pays off quickly enough.

designers also did not lag behind the scientists and engineers and create Taps with unusual original shapes.One of these solutions is a waterfall faucet washbasin.He is not only a stylish design.Wide strong flow of water has hydro-massage effect, which allows you to relieve stress and fatigue.But fashion, as is known, is changeable and often moves in a circle.Despite the variety of modern designs, once again becoming popular faucet taps and mixers, executed in a retro style.

Pressure tap for washbasin holiday: the device, the operating principle and installation

But take water treatments must not only be in a city apartment, but in a country house.Many familiar holiday dispenser on a suburban area with the push rod.Principle batch crane used today, but its design has become more sophisticated.Today washbasin wall for a country house often equipped with instantaneous heater, which allows to obtain a comfortable temperature of water for washing.

principle of operation of the mixer is based on the fact that the prepared mixture is poured into a small container, the volume of which is sufficient for a small rinsing.When you press the lever or rod exhaust valve opens and pours out a portion of the water.After this the inlet valve opens and the container is filled with water again.At one time, these devices have been designed for passenger cars.Due to the simplicity and reliability of the design, as well as the cost of steel used in country houses.