Water filter on the faucet in the form of attachments , as well as mixers for the kitchen with a filter : the internal structure , operation and benefits

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
12 April 2016

water quality largely affects the quality of life and health status.Unfortunately, every year there is deterioration in the environment, and as a result, deterioration of water quality.Already in many localities use only tap water for washing, washing and guidance purity.For drinking and cooking are buying in stores.Installation of kitchen faucets with filters for drinking water is not a whim, but one of the measures to care for the health and saving the cost of water treatment.

course, installation and maintenance of the kitchen faucet filter requires a certain cost.But in the end, such a scheme of water purification saves compared to the purchase of bottled drinking water.Depending on the desired degree of purification used by different types of filter tips with a simple grid, to multi-stage water treatment systems.

filter adapter onto the faucet to purify tap and drinking water in the kitchen

filter design largely depends on the source water quality, and the condition of water supply pipes.It o
ften happens that it has satisfactory quality, but the water pipes have a considerable degree of wear and the system may enter different particle sizes.In such a situation could come faucet strainer which will prevent the ingress of particles.

If the water contains suspended matter, or has exceeded the limit concentration of any substance, you have to install a faucet filter.In order to select the optimal treatment scheme is better to turn to the local sanitary-epidemiological service, or a laboratory that can do the analysis and advice which type of filter to use the beam.From the result of the analysis depends on how many and which will have to install filters.

Set the mixer connecting the filter takes place about the same as for normal installation.The difference is that the supply of cold water is connected to the first filter or group of filters and have them supplied to the faucet.For reasons of economy, generally place the switch.If you want the water to wash dishes or guidance of purity, the flow from the riser occurs, bypassing the filter.Filter include only for drinking water.This saves purification cartridges that are designed to process a certain amount of water.

Ball taps with water filter: what kitchen faucets equipped with mesh drain?

Enough popular ball valves with the filter adapter.These tips can not only get rid of the solids, but also permit a small aeration (mixing with air).This water treatment increases the percentage of oxygen in the water, which helps to improve its quality.

The advantage of this method of cleaning is a low cost filter attachment and ease of installation.Install and remove a nozzle may be even a child.Set directly on the nozzle spout faucet simplifies maintenance.If the grid has accumulated a large number of particles and impurities, it can be quickly removed and washed with a jet of water to re-install the faucet.

disadvantage of such a filter - a low degree of purification provides protection only against particles of medium and small size.Previously used for such cleaning metal mesh with small holes.Today apply a grid of synthetic and composite materials that increase the degree of purification and allows you to clean the water with small and medium degree of pollution.