What is the acrylic liner to the old tub?

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
09 April 2016

That is acrylic liners, many have heard, and also that they can be used to repair the enamel coating also conversations go more than a year, but this technology is not close encounter, it is difficult to imagine the opportunities offered by this kind of repair.For a start, it's worth remembering the story, and say that the method of restoration of the coating bath with the installation of the inserts was used more in the United States, and it happened in the early seventies of the last century.

overhauled in several municipal buildings, contractors are faced with the problem of removal and replacement of massive cast iron bathtubs, and specialists, one bath replacement cost is very expensive.Finding appropriate solutions to reduce the cost of repair technology was used in a bath tub installation, ie installation of the liner with an attractive appearance inside the bowl bath, requiring replacement.Since the body itself was the whole cast-iron bath, the decision to provide qualitative results, and most

importantly, significantly reduced the price of all repairs.

method quickly spread around the world, and with the advent of new materials, such as acrylic became a top seller in the territory of not only the US but also in Europe.The Russian method of use also is widespread, and acrylic inserts for steel baths in a sense saving for a large number of families in which it was difficult to pay for repairs bathroom with bath replacement.Installation of the insert provides low financial costs, but ensures quality and long service life.

himself liner which is formed from acrylic sheet, the exact contours of the restored bath bowls, and glued using two-component foam.This connection is the most durable, and for ten years for operational stability, although in practice, the bath with a liner can be used for a longer time - the thickness of the acrylic sheet, and the gentle care possible to obtain a good result.

So before you rush to the store for a new bathroom plumbing - think about that old bath can be restored using acrylic liner.Another advantage of this type of repair, in addition to price and speed of work, is the aesthetic component.Baths with acrylic liner virtually indistinguishable from the real acrylic bathtubs, and high-quality work thanks to the installation wizard liner that quality customized size insert and install decorative borders around the perimeter, even for an expert to be difficult to distinguish from the new acrylic bathtub cast iron bathtub liner.

To install the liner, there is no need to destroy the decorative covering of walls, it is not necessary to beat off the tile and then again to make repairs in the room - the liner perfectly adjusted to the size of the bath and the room in which it is installed.And experience shows that it is at this time one of the best solutions for the restoration of the old baths, provide the most suitable conditions.