Shower TIMO T-7709

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
09 April 2016

Shower - this is one of the most important pieces in the bathroom.Her choice depends on your personal comfort and convenience.On the market there are many models of shower enclosures, other than size, manufacturer, functionality and material.Novice is difficult to make the right choice, so it has to scrutinize every proposed model.

Shower TIMO T-7709 - is one of the leaders in popularity.This model has an elegant forms that go perfectly with any interior design.However, it is best this cabin will look in the bathroom, decorated with a minimalist.Shower timo t-7709

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The developers have done everything to make this model could accommodate even a small bathroom.Its width and length of only 90 centimeters.Height in cabin almost standard - 225 centimeters.It's enough to make even a very tall man felt comfortable in the shower.The supplied package includes a reliable mixer, a few shelves for personal hygiene, mirror and shower head.

Featured lighting manufacturer has provided two basic lighting.One is locate

d on top of the cab and the other on the control panel.The model also TIMO T-7709 is present mood lighting.


Cab TIMO T-7709 has all the features you need for a comfortable shower.Developers have built 6 vertical jets for a relaxing massage.It is ideal to help relieve stress after a working day.Whirlpool is not only relaxing but also healing effect.Additional features include a rain shower and built-in radio.

Model TIMO T-7709 has the shape of a quadrant and 2 sliding doors.The height of the pallet at the cabin 15 centimeters.Polnoostennoe fence prevents water to go beyond the cabin even during intensive work Hydro.


All showers TIMO manufactured in Finland.The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the brand, so it provides a guarantee on their products.Model TIMO T-7709 is sold with a guarantee of trouble-free operation for 60 months.If you follow all the rules of operation, the plumbing will last more than one year.In case of any problem you can always contact the technical service of the company TIMO.