Lighting Design

By Admin | Lighting
26 April 2016

Lighting - this is not just an opportunity to increase daylight hours, and therefore the amount of time that can be spent usefully.Today, designers are more vocal about the possibilities of light in the interior.Properly chosen lighting can help create the right psychological atmosphere in the room, divide the room into functional areas and even hide flaws finishing or layout.

Like any industry related to the use of technology, the latest technology cause the greatest interest.In the organization of artificial light today in the spotlight LEDs.These small "fireflies" real champions.To date, the most economical LED lamps, durability, safety, and the spectrum of light emitted by them can be varied from as close to the sun, to color.

It LEDs allow inexpensive to make night illumination of facades.To do this, the most commonly used LED ribbon Arlight, with which you can create and facade and interior lighting.They are often used in outdoor advertising.But recently it became very popular hidden lighting a

round the perimeter of the room.It is used today, not only in shops, where the role of light and color rendering plays an important role even in sales volume, but also in ordinary homes and apartments.

Artificial lighting LED strips placed along the walls allows for uniform illumination of the entire space facilities, to significantly reduce the amount of shadow.All of this, even in the evening makes the room bright and friendly.In addition, it is a artificial light significantly visually "raise" the ceiling.Thus while the LED strip is almost not heated and can be freely used in combination with tension decorative coatings.

However, new technology can be applied to more traditional designs.Today, there are many models of efficient lighting devices outwardly no different from the usual.An example is the LED lamp Arlight , which easily replace recessed halogen lamps or bulbs.They are not only significantly snizat power consumption, but also make the light more familiar and pleasing to the eye.On the basis of light-emitting diodes are available today with all standard lamp caps, which allows their use in any lighting appliances, chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps and others.