Technology installation of batteries: Which is better

By Admin | Heating
09 April 2016

considering installing heating systems technology, there are two ways: welding and carving.Today, with a choice of radiators is no problem, as manufacturers provide a wide range of goods - from the practical and inexpensive to the most powerful models and interesting design.

Before replacing the battery was time consuming and lengthy process, which is required for use by several people.Today replace radiators simple and the price is relatively inexpensive.Agree, really easy to prepare since the existing pipe thread to easily and effortlessly screwed them than to resort to welding.And since batteries are usually not located in a very convenient location, the installation becomes a complex and long work.The emergence of the screw technology, the batteries are replaced without any problem: quickly and easily.In addition, there is no risk that the joints between the radiators leaking that often practiced in the old system of welding.

If you opted for bimetallic radiators, it is important to know what the

y should be after a certain time to wash, to avoid clogging the pipes.Replacing these cells is made by threaded.Install the battery is easy, and then you will be able to dismantle carry yourself.In a situation with welding, without the help of experts can hardly cope.And, basically, it is a dangerous thing.Because of sparks can ignite products.No matter what you choose battery: Bimetallic or any other, most importantly, remember that the installation should only be threaded.

Naturally, replacement radiator is not only the equipment itself, but also the quality of the installation.It depends on how long the system will serve you.There is one important caveat - threaded installation method ensures tightness at the joints between the panels, which enables you to change the equipment at any advantageous for you.Do you want the installation was carried out efficiently, quickly and correctly, in accordance with all the requirements?Then you need to contact the company "Aqua Systems".

We guarantee fast replacement of the heating system and the quality of work performed.We provide the following services:

  • aluminum, steel panel radiators and bimetal;
  • dismantling of the old heating system;
  • installing new radiators;

If you are interested in not only the strength of the structure, but also its neat appearance, you've come to the right place.Our experts will install the battery as soon as possible.A few hours - and your apartment will not only heat, but also cozy.