How to ensure your home warm

By Admin | Heating
09 April 2016

One very simple way to provide heat to your home - it's the connection to the main heating system.But this can not be done if the house is very far from the main thoroughfares.In this case, consider the autonomous system of heating homes.

In fact, it is not bad, so using a stand-alone heat transfer equipment can not depend on a variety of preventive maintenance of public utilities, it is possible to regulate the temperature in your house, creating a comfortable microclimate.But care should be taken hydrochemical flushing of heating boilers and heat exchangers, as well as the same time to carry out pressure testing of the system.In addition, choosing the right equipment, you can save considerably on utility bills.

Heat also convenient in that they are compact, which means they can be placed in a small area in the cottage.But in any case, when building a house you need to plan the project a small room in which the equipment will be placed.

One of the efficient types of heat exchangers for home steam h

eaters, ie heaters in which hot water is through the use of saturated hot steam coming from the boiler.The heater is a tube system made of stainless steel or brass.The heated water moves through the pipes and the steam circulates in the annulus.

Such heaters have several advantages.The first of these - it is durability.Normal service life of the heater - 12 years.In addition, it does not require frequent maintenance obsluzhivaniyai crimping: scum formed very slowly, and clean from her instrument simply.The second - a significant energy savings, as the network pumps, heater available, spend much less power for pumping water than other heat exchangers.

can not say about the compact.Such heaters are nearly 5 times less than standard equipment.Thus, it takes much less space for its location in the house.Fourth - high reliability.Steam-remontruetsya device easily, so there is no thin-walled tubes and a variety of complex compounds.Thus all parts of the instrument are made of very strong steel which has high quality.You do not need to register it in the specialized supervisory bodies.

Significant savings of heat is provided in the device trap.This is an automatic control valve.The vapor is condensed (into water) with heat and then returns through the lower output from the heat exchanger tube.The valve outlet is required in order to condense all the steam and does not pass directly through the heater.So when choosing a heater on this item it is necessary to pay special attention to.