Modern construction firm - wide horizons of "New Age"

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27 April 2016

Construction company "New Century" - a bright representative of modern business.The activity of the company is developing in several directions, which can cover a wide range of potential and existing customers and to accommodate the interests of a large number of consumers of construction services and materials.

"New Age" in construction - projects, products and portfolio

Among the activities of the company "New Century"

  • construction of prefabricated houses for the transfer to the customer in a state of readiness - "turnkey"
  • construction andsale of finished wooden baths with a fully mounted heating and ventilation systems
  • creation garages and huts - insulated shield designs
  • construction of buildings for hotels, offices and shopping centers of various storeys and area
  • reconstruction at the sites of various complexity - from large-scale public works tosmall wooden houses individual type.

supply of building materials

important trend in the company's "New Age" - the organization of th

e supply and sale of modern waterproofing and building materials are in great demand among the population and representatives of the construction business.

Assortment offers of "New Age" is constantly expanded and updated by well-established partnerships with the most reputable manufacturers of modern building materials, finishing materials and mixtures for effective water and heat insulation of buildings.On the site of the company, dedicated to partnerships, there are dozens of manufacturers logos that provided the company "New Century" their certificates confirming the right to represent their products and use it in their work.

Profiled - proved versatile material for coatings and lightweight structures

the disposal of our clients - the possibility of purchasing any kind of high-quality corrugated board of different profiles, sizes and types of protective coating.

Why is so much attention paid to materials intended to protect buildings from the weather and heat regulating space?Modern building sees its task not only in the formation of the building.Challenges of time necessitate transfer to the customer object that in a short time will pay the cost by reducing the cost of energy consumption, repair and restoration work.

Developments in the field of hydro and thermal insulation in the building helped to create a number of materials that meet strict standards, among which occupies a special place decking:

  • predictable resistance to moisture, the establishment of a moisture barrier
  • controlled permeability of unilateral or bilateral, adjustable heat
  • easeinstallation and integration into any architectural forms and constructions
  • complete neutrality - no fumes react with air and water
  • environmental security, regardless of the conditions of use
  • high quality fire
  • maximum flexibility to use the opportunity to apply the material inside and outany building and create support structures - fences, walls and canopies
  • huge number of leaf shape, allowing the use of corrugated board as roofing, finishing and even the building materials, depending on the needs and goals
  • a wide range of material prices - from extremely affordable to the elite
  • durability and strength - great benefits of building material protected by plastic sheets and special coatings.

Construction company "New Century" offers a wide range of corrugated and modern building materials, with their own warehouses, the network is deployed in the cities of Chelyabinsk, Kopeysk, Chebarkul, Troitsk, Miass, Novosibirsk.

We offer our clients a wide range of products, reasonable prices and personal service program with discounts and bonuses!

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