How to choose a sump pump

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26 April 2016

In recent years significantly increased the number of urban residents seeking to buy or build a vacation home for permanent or seasonal living.Many people use this as a traditional garden plots.But the main feature of modern suburban housing is that it is now on comfort does not concede a city apartment. This was possible due to the system of independent water supply, so Services Installation water supply systems became very popular and popular.

source selection for independent water supply made on the basis of the planned water consumption.The same figure also affects the selection of the necessary equipment, such as pumps.When it comes to equipping independent water supply for the needs of a seasonal residence, sometimes quite sufficient source of water can be well.

Pumping equipment

It is quite natural to the question of how to choose the right pump equipment.The first parameter to which you should pay attention when choosing a pump, it's his style - superficial or deep (sump).So sump pump Grundfos placed directly in the water.Their use rationally in cases when the water level is below the mark of 8 meters.The peculiarity of this type of pumps, besides their technical characteristics, is that these use waterproof materials and careful attention is paid to the tightness of the housing.Very popular series sump pump Grundfos SPO.High power allows pressure to extract water from virtually any depth, but the pump must be located not less than 1 meter to the bottom of the well.Otherwise, you run the risk of lower quality waters rise.The fact that all the same powerful pressure will draw the sand from the bottom and mule.

on the market a wide range of pumping equipment, among which Grundfos submersible pumps occupy one of the leading positions.Additionally, you can choose the surface pumps this company.They, accordingly, are not installed in the well, but on the surface - it can even be standing next to an outbuilding, if the distance allows.They are applied conventionally, in cases when the water level in the sump is significantly above the level of 8 meters.However, the reliability of lift can be used by external ejector, which falls together with the hose into the well.As a result, part of the water, raising the pump enters the eductor which provides higher inlet pressure.