Self-regulatory organizations to guard the quality and order

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26 April 2016

main priorities of modern Russia are building quality and safety.To achieve these objectives in the Russian Federation are AMC - self-regulatory organizations, designed to monitor the activities of certain construction companies.Today, every individual or legal person intending to engage in construction business are required to become members of the SRO and strictly adhere to the rules established by the organization and regulatory requirements.Membership in the self-regulatory organization supported by public evidence, giving permission to carry out design and construction works.In contrast to the first license issued, the certificate is of unlimited duration.

In construction SROs provide verification of design and construction of buildings for compliance with the existing requirements of quality and safety.The presence of the SRO in the construction market horizons promotes orderly development of the sector, because in this situation the responsibility for the quality of a particular builder falls o

n all members of the community.The result - the whole group of professionals interested in the construction of a decent quality of each object, as in the case of any violation of substantive penalty reimbursed from the general fund money.

In accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, as part of the SRO builders combined private and legal persons engaged in the same field.For example, there SRO designers, auditors, etc.Organizations with different specializations are developing rules and standards in their field, as well as monitor their implementation.

Under existing rules for the registration of the SRO in the state register in its composition must be enrolled at least 100 private and 25 legal persons specializing in a particular field of construction.Community members can become appraisers, engineers, builders and representatives of other professions, provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

main reason for the creation of self-regulatory organizations - need to increase the responsibility of the construction companies and individuals for the results of their work.The control functions are performed by the participants themselves SRO, without any interference from the state.The government in this case assumes the obligation to create the necessary legal framework and supervision of legality.

Create SRO shows obvious positive impact on society: reduced management vertical, as a consequence - reducing the cost and eliminating corruption.Entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to independently control the quality of work of their colleagues, and to regulate business relations, avoiding the ranks of the community to fraud artists.