Molded for baths and saunas : how to sheathe clapboard sauna and steam room with his hands , which tree is best suited (linden , aspen , cedar ) than the process trim

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14 April 2016

hard to imagine Russian banya or Finnish sauna steam room without finishing construction materials from wood.Sheathing lining baths in many countries has already become traditional.Firstly, it is an environmentally friendly material, from which emanates a pleasant scent of wood, which can serve as an additional aroma because in the steam room is not only a process of purification, and recreation;secondly, the material is available and relatively inexpensive.Today we will talk about how to sheathe the bath paneling and rails of some trees is preferable to use in wet areas of baths and saunas.

bath paneling Interior decoration: Photo of interior cladding and installation of their own hands

Run paneling bath paneling can be yourself.It did not take long, and the result will please you.After all the communications necessary to build a crate, which is directly attached to the finishing lining.Crate with dowels fastened horizontally in increments of 50-70 cm. Do not step less appropriate.The material is
exposed to steam large temperature differences and geometrical variations.Molded must be firmly attached to the walls look smooth and solid.Frame crates must be treated with antiseptic to avoid rotting the wood.

Wall paneling fastened vertically and condensation water will drain away and nottrapped in the grooves.Between crate space is filled with insulation.Next, place the heater on top of a waterproof film.Fabrics film stacked overlap, glued a special tape and attached to the crate stapler.Often used as a vapor barrier aluminum foil.The foil reflects the heat.Mounting rails by means of nails, staples or capping.Use of capping in the steam room is preferable, since they are treated corrosion-resistant composition.

work should begin on one of the corners, pre-cut linings desired length, then move around the perimeter.Clapboard sheathing can and ceiling.The joints between the walls and the ceiling closed wooden plinth.All wood products is further coated with stain and wax.It is not necessary to cover the walls and ceiling of varnish or paint.

aspen and lime lining for sauna and steam room: what is best for cladding the sauna?

Now that we've figured out how to fix linings in the sauna bath or a sauna, is to talk about the choice of the material, that is, types of wood, from which the lining is made.Unacceptable presence of knots and recovering the resin on the walls as a result of heating.Resin breathing difficulties, and twigs can cause burns.Therefore, to use bunk coniferous branch in the steam room is impossible.This material is good for washing facilities, as opposed to softwood decay.The best breeds for the production of plates for the steam bath are such trees as larch, aspen or cedar.

cedar wall paneling for baths - one of the most expensive materials, butand one of the most useful.Cedar has healing properties due to the presence of essential oils, which are extracted from the timber when heated and retains its usefulness for many years.Essential oils of cedar enhance immunity and have a positive effect on the body.

aspen for the bath durable, aesthetic, resistant to decay and deterioration, and a couple of cracking at high temperatures.Using Aspen for finishing baths improves health, it is useful for people suffering from bronchitis, pneumonia, as well as rheumatism.Visiting "aspen" steam, many noticed the improvement of health.

Lipa linings for bath looks very aesthetically pleasing, as it has a very light shade and light grain pattern that gives it elegance.It creates a great atmosphere in the room, highlighting the volatile, has beneficial effects on health.Released into the air by heating a pleasant aroma, as well as for a long time retains an attractive shade of light wood.

Read more about bunk of different wood

Is it a bad idea to furnish steam pine paneling with their hands?

Yes, usually coniferous wood except cedar in the casing pair is not used.Moreover, the selection of the resin boards - not the most important reason.It is just what is simple: you need to buy specially the dried battens.Resin in small amounts can serve only one - two times, when the first steaming room.This will cost cheaper cedar siding - sometimes it is important to question what is best for the sauna paneling.

main problem - oversaturated tree essential oils that actively stand on heating facilities closer to 100 degrees.If you do not plan such serious temperatures, pine or fir can be considered as a material for finishing.By the way, there is a solution, and for lovers of strong heating - pine paneling can be finished only one wall, the oven.So you benefit from the volatile production of pine, but did not happen over-saturation of air with essential oils.Finishing bath paneling pine

How to sheathe bath lining inside: what you should know about the material?

The question "how to sheathe clapboard bath" is important not only wood.Of great importance and the quality of the profile.The cheapest option - the ordinary wooden wall paneling.Straight profile on both sides, from 1.2 cm to 2.5 cm in thickness, 15 cm width and 6 meters in length.Thorn fastening - 6 mm long.Humidity of the timber 16 to 24%.

Euro deal will cost more, but in operation it will show better.

  • The reverse side has the profile of a relief surface that provides ventilation trim.
  • Thorn fastening - 9 mm long.Clutch boards will be more dense than usual lining.This in turn makes it difficult for moisture paneling.
  • Lining is available in a large range of width, thickness and length of the profiles.

Differences between the lining and Lining

What sort of lining for the cladding saunas exist?

most expensive grade lining for sauna - "Extra."Made of wood, he elite varieties.Such boards do not have to have any audio production or natural defects.Slightly lower quality grade of "A".Because defects there may be only a minor size cracks and knots (15 mm).The quality linings close to the sort of "Extra."Finishes such boards will have a perfect appearance.

The average price category is Class "B".Here are allowed minor dents, chips, cracks and gashes.And their total value does not exceed 1.5 cm to 0.3 meter.The depth of the defects - not more than 0.5 mm.Sheathing sauna clapboard marked "B" will look quite decent.And the lowest grade - "C".Such boards may contain on its surface rather noticeable defects.It can be used for plating walls portions that are not visible.Molded for baths of different varieties

bath built and not yet settled.Is it possible to start finishing steam and other facilities?

According to the rules, internal finishing works in the Russian bath can begin only after the final construction will shrink (up to 5 cm).But sometimes waiting is not possible, and you have to think about how to strengthen the battens in the steam room, in this case.For such cases, has its own installation technology plating:

  • use sliding guides for battens on the walls.Design Options are different, but the meaning is one - when settling bath boards do not deform and shift up a bit.
  • Decorating the walls are not brought up to the ceiling, there must remain a gap, which subsequently closed angular profile.
  • Ceiling finishes paired with his hands he carried only the ceiling and walls as well to leave a gap.

Ceiling mounted corner profile after the shrink bath, but his mount only at the top.Wooden crate for fixing lining in the bath

said, there are kinds of wood that are not heated by air in the sauna.What is this breed?

There are two types of wood for the bath and sauna, possessing such qualities:

  • African abashi - a species of oak, popular, thanks to its features as trim saunas.When the air temperature 70 - 80 degrees timber is not much warmer than the human body.Uncomfortable touching the abashi will air after reaching a temperature of 90 - 100 degrees.In addition, wood is not affected by humidity and loses the appearance over time.
  • Canadian hemlock - refers to softwood species of pine.As resistance to heat slightly inferior abashi.The rest is an excellent wood for the sauna.Unlike other conifers, when heated it does not emit tar.Essential oils are allocated, but not too active.Hemlock wood is also has an interesting color - variation from light gray to light gray-brown.

Making bath paneling from Hemlock

The process battens in the steam room and other rooms in the bath?

It was in the steam room paneling process chemistries can not.This is due to the fact that under the influence of heat and moisture from the surface of the tree starts to rise evaporation.A hit of chemical vapor impregnation of wood can be dangerous to health.If you do not want to leave the board completely unprotected skin, we can treat them with linseed oil.

The process linings inside the bath in the other rooms?Here impregnation use is possible and necessary.However, banks must be given information on the composition is adapted for baths and saunas.The impregnation must necessarily include oil or wax, which will improve the stability of wood moisture.Also in the antiseptic must be present and - as protection against mildew and rot.Conventional means for wood can not be used here.Types of impregnation for lining

What you need to remember when plating baths vapor barrier?

than qualitative made vapor barrier, the greater will be the sense of the insulation.In the process, follow the rules:

  • maximum tightness of joints between the webs.
  • between the vapor barrier membrane and finishing walls must be a gap of 3 cm. Otherwise, clapboard siding bath after some time will become worthless, since her will accumulate moisture.
  • ceiling fitted by a membrane in the least, and must be an overlap on the wall, about 10 cm.
  • ceiling is better to order foil sheet, even if the wall is of a different quality padding.

The device is a vapor barrier in the bath

What qualities has aspen paneling, in addition to the positive effects on health?

Molded Aspen for a bath is used everywhere.And this popularity is not surprising, because this wood has qualities that make it suitable for use in areas with difficult climates.

  • Resistance to moisture - in addition to the fact that aspen does not rot and does not warp, it is not yet dark from constant exposure to water.After drying, the room you get the finish the same light as it was originally.This quality allows the aspen lining trim elements baths, located outdoors - verandas and terraces.
  • Aspen paneling is highly resistant to mechanical damage.You do not have to be afraid that you will leave a dent in the wall or floor from accidental impact gang or other hard object.
  • Aspen heated by air less than other types of wood.

Lining bath paneling from aspen

Why praise linings of lime?

Molded from a linden in the bath - a very good solution.This timber, in addition to excellent appearance, has other positive attributes.For example, for people with allergies stay in the room, clapboard trimmed limes for a bath, it is perfectly safe.In addition, volatile limes are very useful for the respiratory system and the heart.A timber with a strong opening act starts to produce light pleasant scent.

minus at linden quite a bit.For example - softness.The tree is very easy to process, but just as easily damaged and hard objects.Also of note is the price - paneling cost is not too cheap.Finishing bath lining of lime