Design of forged products

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19 April 2016

Metal Art for many centuries, has attracted attention.Ironwork still provide an indication of wealth and respectability.
Currently, despite the use of modern technology, the process of artistic forging kept their ancestral traditions.It should be noted that manual exclusive forging incapable compared with any analog.The unique design gives the product a sign of luxury and splendor.
Forged items successfully entered into the composition of any metal product. They are a great addition as the facade of the building and surrounding area, and the interior decoration of the house.As a rule, they are the main decorative load.
Forged products are used to decorate balconies, canopies, window guards, flower.


To emphasize the interior of the room, various forged souvenirs, jewelry elements of the fireplace and internal stairs.
If the product is intended to be placed on the territory adjacent to the house, you must take into account the peculiarities of landscape design.Metal Art should be in harmony with the a

ppearance of the building, various plantings, etc.For example, a tree growing near Forged fences can both stress and overshadow his drawing.
Ironwork have great influence on the style of the design.However, they are not only beautiful, but also endowed with a certain functionality.For example, lattice fences, barriers designed to protect the area, benches - to give an opportunity to relax.
forging products are of particular value, as they can vary their maximum durability.

company Metal Design - is an individual approach to each client.

main difference from other companies, Metal Design makes by hand by hot forging.Such work is appreciated by people with sophisticated taste, who understand that other such things are not found.We are ready to carry out orders of diverse complexity.When making your product master puts his heart and soul, creating a product with an impeccable appearance.On our site you can view photos of forged products.Forging

as stamped and unique, highly reliable design through metal strength.It goes well with any material: wood, stone and glass.Pattern of forged products may contain an infinite number of different reasons, making it unique.