Building a house of foam blocks

By Admin | Building
13 April 2016

According to experts, the most ideal building material is considered to foam block.He is not only cheap, it does not bring unnecessary load on the foundation of the house, but it can be used to quickly build a design house.Foam used in the construction of cottages, houses, baths, garages and the like.

in building a house of foam blocks are important elements of quality and low cost.Pre-need to see the price list and calculate the necessary amount of material for masonry.In addition, if you build a house, observing all the rules and recommendations, it will not require major repairs for many years.

worth considering that building a house of foam blocks so easy that it can cope with one person.

Besides, concrete blocks - an environmentally friendly material, and not harmful to human health.

main characteristics of foam blocks - high material resistance to corrosion and rot.Also, if you build a house of concrete blocks, the wall will not bloom, it is because a foam block pores.Thanks to these pores wa

lls can breathe, and heat and cold will not affect the room.

Before you start to build a wall, it is necessary to prepare the foundation.During that how you will make the foundation, it is important to consider that it is necessary to protect from moisture.This can apply any material, e.g., Bikrost or roofing felt.

Then, a solution for masonry.For this, it uses several types of solutions - as ordinary cement, and on the basis of the adhesive.

According to experts, the application of the solution on the basis of the best adhesive, as the seams are thin.Also, it is worth considering that the adhesive promotes stronger bonding foam blocks together.

Before laying concrete blocks, the material must be cleaned of dirt or dust.This can be done using a broom.If you want to use a solution based on the adhesive, it is still the first row of the foam block should be put on an ordinary cement.

Regardless of the solution, it still should be applied with a notched trowel.The thickness of the solution should be no more than five mm.

Once laid the first row, it must be checked for evenness.To do this, use a level.If the material is laid flat, so it will be a quality built home.As for laying the second row on, then use the clutch to the floor of the block.This method of masonry wall will help to make stronger.

To walls of the building were more durable, it is necessary to build a fourth row with special partitions.Also, it is necessary to reinforce the masonry near windows and doors.