Wood carved frames: how to make carved frames for windows and doors with their hands

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12 April 2016

modernization and standardization - this, of course, great.But there are many areas where the uniqueness and originality is still in the price.Decorating their own homes - one of them.An example of a unique design can serve traditional for our culture carved frames for windows and doors.Wooden lace - one of the most beautiful and vivid detail of wooden architecture.They have not lost their relevance and are popular.They can be purchased ready-made, but they will not vary the complexity and originality, or order from the master, but it usually is not cheap.If desired, they can also be manufactured by hand.

Carved trim on the windows: templates, designs, patterns and stencils for carving;shaped welt trim

Carved wooden frames - one of the most striking and unusual elements of decoration of facades and interiors.They feature a unique design and give a special charm.Today, when the wooden houses at the peak of popularity, carving became more relevant than ever.It is appropriate in different styles - co

untry, folk and even solemn classicism.Carved frames, photo where you can see on our site are also different.

One of the most common patterns -plant, in the Russian tradition often included the symbolic images of the sun, at least birds.But the modern patterns can be geometric graphic design and even include a picture of the whole story.

wooden frames on the windows carved often did slotted.In this technique the drawing is created by means of through holes of different shapes.Prorizna thread trim with its use - this is a simple technique, which can handle even the person who does not have special skills.With the use of modern tools it even will not take much time.

to make their own hands carved frames, photothese samples are in the article, you need to drill, jigsaw, pencil and stencil with a pattern.As in any creative work is very important patience and accuracy.Patterns for casings can think independently, search the Internet or spy the old masters in the homes that will amaze you with its beauty.But when planning a design for slotted thread, it is necessary to remember that all items must have a jumper with a base so as not to fall apart after cutting.Stencils for trims are needed to help the markup process of the work itself.If you took the job for the first time, without them simply can not do.

The technology is very simple.Most of all it resembles the familiar to all from childhood sawing.Figure transferred to the board, then made curly cuts in the markup.This technique allows to make unique and unusual wooden carved window frames on their own without special skills or tools.Suffice it to your desire and drop inspiration.

Sketches and drawings carved architraves of oak;ornate oak trim on the doors

Bas-relief carving much harder slotted.But for the door trims it is more typical.Especially luxurious look of solid samples and valuable wood.But in such a material more complicated.For example, to make their own carved oak trim is quite difficult.But with even the most basic skills, you can take the risk to make a simple thread.

This will help to ready patterns, schemes which are freely available.Despite the fact that the very application of the thread rather laborious, oak an excellent material which is cut without chipping and other unpleasant defects.Do not choose the first experience of complex drawings.It is best to stop the choice on simple ornaments characteristic of the classics.

Solid wood perfectly polished and can be used even without a protective coating.Oak withstands weathering, which makes this material is optimal for facades.

plat own hands: Tips

Why stencils for casings and what their particular

If you want to make yourself at the window or door frames carved, then you definitely need special stencils that you can useto achieve an excellent result.Many newcomers to the carved case may not be aware that the stencils for casings on the windows are a very important element in the work.Ornaments and patterns on the windows without a stencil can be done only professional, and that these people are using this tool almost always.Today, find interesting patterns stencils for cutting casings is not difficult, there are plenty of them for all tastes.The stencil can be made of paper, cardboard or from fibreboard.The last option will serve a long time, especially if you enjoy the carved work.
Carved trim - the best decoration of a wooden house!

How to trim their own hands

Modern carved decorations for windows and doors on the windows is easy to make your own hands.It does not require special knowledge and skills.First we need to see the photo or have finished work on the windows of houses to choose the pattern.Then you need to take a wooden canvas is better if it is an oak.It overlaps a prepared stencil with the desired pattern and tracing pencil drawing.And then comes the most difficult time of action: it is necessary to cut the pattern.To do this, you need jigsaws.Handheld better not to take, since it takes a lot more work effort and time.Slowly cut the pattern, turning the jigsaw blade angle.The main thing in this case - patience and interest, then you can make your own hands carved frames that will decorate the facade of the house.
The original plat - very simple, but very beautiful!

What do I need to have about woodcarving

Woodcarving always decorate a log house, and decorative trim - it is beautiful and original, its complement.Making carvings requires the following tools:

  • stencil and pencil drawing on tree;
  • drill and a jigsaw to cut out the pattern, breaching through holes (through design) in the tree;
  • sandpaper, sanding machine and better to correct all irregularities that appear in the course of work;
  • scheme from A to Z, by means of which will be clear how to do decorative pattern.

The tool for woodcarving and the workplace

How to choose a pattern for casings

pattern for casings can be made in any style and for every taste.You can cut out the patterns on the plant or animal subjects, to represent natural elements casings, sun signs.Depending on where in the house is that surrounds it is possible to select a specific pattern.If the house is located in a forest, the beautiful trim on the windows is better to make drawings of trees and leaves.For a village house ideal patterns of birds and different animals.It is believed, though it is not exactly proved that the pattern on the jamb is not only an ornament, but also a guardian for the home and family.
Stylish pattern casings for a country house

advantages of wooden casings on the windows

Today, not everyone knows how to make frames for windows, even the most simple of all.But the tradition of such design houses are gradually returning to the same such products have many positive aspects.In - the first, frames for windows & lt;retain heat in the house, which can go out of the window slits.In - the second, with the help of the jewelry can be neatly hide all construction mistakes or age home.Well, in - Third, using a slotted thread can be given a refined style and design even the simplest construction.It is decoration in the windows gives the home a complete image.
Plat can be not only carved

casings on the windows - drawing

Drawings casings on the windows - a great assistant in the cutaway fact, without which it is very difficult to figure out how to make such a decoration.So, are the main components of casing:

  • upper bracket - which will be located valances and roof.These two elements are patterned, while bar - is the foundation of the future product;
  • vertical rail (frame) - It will be attached to the bracket with carved patterns;
  • bottom bracket (sill profiled belt) - is the border between the window and the lower part of the decoration pattern fabric.

Drawings can also include a variety of tiaras, shoulders, turning vazonchiki and other decorations, but the basic elements are considered to be the ones that are shown in the diagram below.

Drawing casings - Example

How to trim curly

trim on the doors and windows can be made in different styles and designs.The most elaborate door frames - is curly.These products are much more beautiful flat or embossed trims and make them not so difficult.For cutting complex patterns need a special fretsaw saw with a thin blade and large teeth in divorce, with which you can neatly cut even the smallest details.Also this device is also necessary to have drawings or patterns, which then will be cut pattern.When the drawing is applied to the web, you will have a clearer picture of what to do next.
Colorful carved frames - a work of art!