How to build a solid foundation?

By Admin | Building
11 April 2016

Today qualitative solid foundation under the house can be found in wooden structures, which are characterized by the ratio of efficiency and durability.Such foundations require the use of expensive equipment, but are not restricted to planned configuration.However, during the construction of a monolithic foundation, one is often faced with a number of problems.

basic nuances of the construction of a monolithic foundation

solid foundation - a classic of the construction industry.It is divided into melkozaglublenny and not flush.At the same time, the depth of laying the materials in the above two types, ranges from 0.3-0.6 m.

builders appreciate this type of design, as simple construction and reinforcement of the whole area can achieve the maximum effect of stability at high loads.Monolithic structures are rarely deformed even in areas of uneven subsidence.This is a positive quality for the problematic areas of the city, which can be built up.

Today the building foundations of any private home is m

ade in several stages, which are associated with certain problems:

  1. Making of project documentation - a long process, which is accompanied by idling in queues to local authorities and expenditure of funds;
  2. analysis of topsoil, as well as the outer layer of the fence, which is impossible without the participation of experts;
  3. digging trenches and laying of geotextile - a process that is recommended to charge only skilled in the art;
  4. PRIVOZ sand, installation of the vibration plate and pouring water - a time consuming operation, which should be involved as physical manpower and equipment;
  5. laying the next layer of geotextile;
  6. Purchase splinters and laying it around the perimeter of the building structure;
  7. Creating frame and concrete reinforcement the whole area of ​​the foundation;
  8. construction of foundations by shuttering;
  9. pouring concrete, the preparation of which is complete without the use of special equipment;
  10. Dismantling the formwork after drying concrete.

All of these actions are an integral part of the construction of the foundation.

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However, considering how much process includes the construction of a monolithic foundation, it becomes clear that the economy and rapid problem solving is possible only if the concerted actions of a team of professionals who have in their state not only skilled workers, managers, and lawyers.