How to dig a well in the country?

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10 April 2016

If your cottage has no running water, it is not a problem.You can own hands to dig a well.The well impose two requirements: water - all year round and inaccessibility of sewage.The water is at different depths - aquifers.And, then, the bottom of the well should be located at a depth of one.But the water is different.

Water groundwater horizons are 3 types:

  • surface (2-3 m) - water not suitable for drinking because of sewage and its amount depends on the season;
  • compactor (10-20 m) - the optimal ratio of cost of digging and water quality;
  • artesian (50 m - 1 km) - the best water quality, but its production is required to drill a well.

In determining the depth of groundwater consult your neighbors, ask them about the quality of the water and the depth of the water and asking for analysis.After the positive results of the laboratory can be dug to the same depth as the neighbors.Well dacha

If the neighbors do not have wells, hydrogeological surveys are available.It is expensive, but with a guarantee.And perh

aps they have already been held in your area.One has only to look for data.

that water does not become toxic, a well from the source at a distance of at least 20 m. The least amount of water contained in the ground in August.It is the most convenient period for the digging.

Digging and building materials

most used method - mine.It is time consuming, but it is quite feasible without any special equipment.

general well - it's mine, dug to a depth of the aquifer.The main thing with digging wells - to ensure human security and reliability of the design, so as not to hit the wall.The safest and the material - concrete well ring.Well ring

dig a well

Digging recess slightly larger than the diameter of the ring.The depth in this case - 2 / 3-3 / 4 of its height.Put back the ring and, being already inside, keep digging.If you put the ring immediately be uncomfortable to cut turf.When the walls of the ring podkapyvanii under pressure of its own weight will be omitted.

Immersing ring is not completely in the ground, put on top of the next.Fasten in 4 places with steel plates.This prevents the upper hanging rings.

butt paving hemp and obscure solution.It is unacceptable to use toxic materials, because they can get into the water.

continue to work until the water begins to accumulate rapidly.We are pumped her a little deeper and leave mine until the next day.Then again, pump water and clean the bottom.Now, the well would be better filled.

filter to the bottom of the well

thickness of the filter must be at least 20 cm. For his unit to buy construction materials: sand, fine gravel, large rubble.

headroom headroom above-ground element consists of a waterproofing and protective.

most common use of clay castle depth of 1.5-2 m and a width of 0.5 m. Then pour of concrete blind area width of 1 meter or more.

above-ground portion of the tip is made of concrete, stone or wood.

When digging a well, it is vital to observe all safety rules.

  1. wear a helmet;
  2. to lift the land, besides the main, use a safety rope and always with a carabiner;
  3. person in a mine is also insured with a rope;
  4. sure to watch the Copa;
  5. Check the gas analyzer or a candle presence of gas in the mine.

Here are the main stages of the construction of the well by hand.Successful construction!